Questions questions…

I’ve been wasting time again. This time though I’m actually facebook-stalking. One of my seniors in college was Mahwash Ajaz, and I knew her through the debate society. I went to Commecs with her and to be honest, she’s been my hero ever sine. She’s done everything I’ve ever dreamed of doing; not only is … Continue reading

The chocolate days…

I cannot sit on the library floor anymore. If I wasn’t penniless I would have said “screw the Rs.500 fine, I’m sitting right where I want to!” but I can’t afford rebellion. Damn. I’ve started work on my print, my first weaving sample is complete and I think I can manage to pass in CAD/CAM. … Continue reading

Peeping Toms, Dicks and Harrys

I can and will do anything to avoid work. I have loads of it waiting for me upstairs but I still prefer to do nothing on my pc here in the basement. I’ve been randomly looking through my brother’s book-marked websites, not because I’m suspicious of him or any such reason. I mean, he can … Continue reading

Monk-woman from Neptune!

Whe When you’re 21 you should know a bit about people, human interactions and the world in general. After all, you’re legally adult. That means you are considered capable of making difficult decisions like who to marry, who to vote for and what to do with your inheritance if you actually have one. Why then, … Continue reading

This seat is made for sitting

How awful is it when nobody wants to sit next to you in the point? Not that bad actually since I got to sleep the entire way back and didn’t have to nod my head to constant rambling and continue the conversation using “haan?” “nahi!!” and “waqai?” wherever I saw fit. I wouldn’t mind having … Continue reading

Yea Socialism!

Today I missed the point. By seconds. My dad deliberately drove at 30 km per hour to teach me the importance of punctuality and all that shit…and I cried like a maniac all the way back home. I really needed to go to university aaj, I had to show my print design layout, had to … Continue reading

Ramzaan Mubarak to All!!!

So you would think that something actually happened today, I mean there’s got to be some reason i’m adding a new post. You’re wrong. But i DID get a mariage proposal today :). so what if my wanna-be fiance is 3 years younger to me and a bit of a twit?

11th September 2007

Today Awzeen and I discovered how extremely boring we were. It didn’t come up as a sudden revelation… we had gradually reached the idea that our social life is not only extremely limited, but it primarily includes friends of friends. At least, that’s so in my case. I know only one person now who I … Continue reading

Blog #3: mild chit chat

My PC is dying. It’s overburdened with downloaded crap from all over the world. Typing two words takes twenty minutes; I can’t open Word, and my browser at the same time…the media player has committed suicide and woe betide the person who accidentally tries to watch a movie on the dvd player/ burner that we … Continue reading

Weblog 2: Hira’s Empty Slate

So Shazia’s getting married…. How weird is that? On Friday she will officially become Mrs. Hasan Udvani. I still can’t believe it. In a way it’s kind of romantic and story-bookish, after all how many period romances have I read where the hero and heroine are somehow inexplicably tied up together in a quirk of … Continue reading