Hira’s delivery guide

Ok, S and I don’t go out much- at least not in the ‘Let’s eat out everyday because we’ve only been married ten months and have no cares in the world!’ kind of way that other couples do. We eat out when I- at around 1 am- wake him up, tell him I’m bored out … Continue reading

0. Lift off

Didn’t expect me to be online today, didja? That’s a hundred bucks (read dollars) for me, courtesy Absar. Yeay, shopping! So November 6th is actually here. And I STILL can’t type at all. Mehndi and these extremely annoying nails make typing harder than clipping grass with tweezers on a football green. I’ve realized long hair … Continue reading


4th November I’ve got nails. And I really have no clue how you nail-ed (what else do I call you?) people get any work done. I can barely type. I’ve got so much to say and just putting my fingers on the keyboard is giving me a heart attack- what if they chip, or break, … Continue reading

16. 16!!! Six-F’in- teen!!!!!

Expect me to blog a lot in the following…let me count…16 (!!) days. I’m officially on leave now- my Zamzama days are over- for the time being. Haye how I miss them already… though honestly if I continued working there I’d be hopelessly bankrupt regardless of my salary. Butler’s Chocolate Café will be opening three … Continue reading

24- Dear God, the freaking out has started!

Let me tell you how I feel. I haven’t written any stream of consciousness post for a long time. I think I’ll give it a try right now. I’m in that place in time where all I want to do is get it all out. Take emotional laxatives… just release. I wonder why potty is … Continue reading


Oh dear God…I don’t know what to do. Should I pray for children? Or should I not pray for children? What in God’s name should a girl who’s not particularly fond of kids do? A few days ago, I, my mum and my cousin along with her two children went shopping for chooriyan. Yes, I … Continue reading

30 days!!!!!

Let me tell you what it feels like being able to buy shoes from Charles and Keith. Not actually buying them, but knowing that you can. It feels surreal. So surreal I want to cry. My hands shake at the thought of actually being able to afford splurging on nachos at forum; at having the … Continue reading

33 – II

Shhh… Let me tell you something. Close the door first. No, check that there’s nobody outside then shut the door. All clear? Positive? Good. What- do you expect me to scream it to you across the room?? Come closer!! Ok…now promise you won’t tell anyone…done? OK, here goes. *takes deep breath* I don’t like women. … Continue reading

42- but 39. Uff. Whatever.

42 Disclaimer- This post and the author of it bear no ill feeling to Malinga. He is a great player, and I’m sure must have a wonderful personality. I don’t know why all of you insisted you wanted to read this. You’re not missing much- just the extreme superficiality and shallowness of yours truly. Oh … Continue reading


What a lovely job I have. My boss pays me to sit in the air-conditioning and watch TV. I do occasionally have to draw something or the other, but that takes up around 1/18th of my time. Today I came late and left early, and she didn’t even notice. What a darling she is. Absolute … Continue reading