La Cinematique critiques chez Hira

So being a pretty bland/blonde person now that I’m married and under no pressure to seem interesting, I can do little more than provide you with my expert take on all that Hollywood (and pirated DVD distributors) have to offer. Ergo I proudly present… La Cinematique critiques chez Hira Dev.D Ok, so it’s not Hollywood, … Continue reading


Various things have happened. None of them in the least interesting, but that’s never stopped me from writing about them before. Firstly, where I couldn’t find a single job, now I have two. Allah jab bhi deta he chappar phaar ke deta he. Chappar, patloon, chaata…in my case God doesn’t rain, He pours. Haye, how … Continue reading

New Post. Can’t think up a title

Fifteen years ago Kenneth Branagh was absolutely gorgeous. Add period costume, Shakespearean dialogue and Italian scenery to the mixture and you have a very openly swooning Hira. John Abraham topless could not have a greater effect.   Just finished watching ‘Much ado about nothing’. Not one of Shakespeare’s best plays but then, according to the … Continue reading

The Infinite Playlist!

Asked for a feel-good movie and got it- miraculously. Opened Ares today and found Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist in the library. How’d it get there? Who downloaded it? The butler? The spirit of Saint Valentine’s month? Is he (gasp!) going to visit me tonight along with the Ghosts of Saint Valentines Month past and … Continue reading


(i had planned to password protect this post but decided against it. if i wrote it, i should be brave enough to show it to the world. Heck, why should i care what anyone else thinks?) A kiss is still a kiss in Casablanca Until I watched Casablanca I believed that nothing was worth half … Continue reading