Me about me.

Confessions Of a self- titled gourmet I sniff my food. The nose is the most important organ of the body. I have no clue why Pakistanis don’t use it more. Actually considering the overflow of gutters nowadays, I’m kind of glad they don’t. I cook because I like the process of creation. I like how … Continue reading

Getting to know you

When you’re sitting opposite each other at a café table, there aren’t that many places to look without giving the idea that you’re avoiding what’s right in front of you. You can’t stare at a menu that long, you’ll seem indecisive. You can’t glance around at other people; you’ll just seem bored or judgemental, or … Continue reading

He he he…F-pshhht.

This post is rated PG-15  (Zehra, that means YOU). Please forgive me you guys, but I can’t not write about this. I miss the F-word. I’ve been cutting down, trying to find alternatives like fudge, n frig, n f-psssht (the noise I make when I start saying it and remember I shouldn’t) but they don’t … Continue reading

I crave hot tea. Life’s gotten to the point that I make myself a perfect cup of steaming tea, sit down to drink it, then remember I have fifteen odd things to do, the tension of which is causing this deep craving for a beverage I know I don’t have time to drink. Logic would … Continue reading


I feel gossipy. A ‘friend’ just got married recently and I felt that, for old time’s sake, and to make sure she’s successfully out of our lives, I should attend. Also it provided me a chance to meet up with a few people I actually did care about, and not have to pay extravagantly for … Continue reading


Life would be so much easier if there were no such things as courtesy or manners. This stupid concept of ‘murrawwat’ will get me killed someday. Some crazy, ghairat-zada person will be waiting in the shadows for a false step because I accidentally, out of sheer frustration at his/her constant yapping about a subject I … Continue reading

Leechy Me

I am wasting away. If there was any way I could get a job without having to give a single job interview, I’d go for it; even if it involved hanging a whiteboard around my neck with the words “hire me!” I hate job interviews. I suck at them. There’s a thin line between being … Continue reading