I got this message on Facebook recently, from this dude named Osman:

Salam, well i am a new user on facebook. I am looking for a true, special and harmless friend, one who can see right through my eyes,who can touch my soul, who can feel my eyes, who can penetrate deep down my thoughts. With whom i can share my inside and out without any fear. One who can stand by me forever. As u know fate decides our relatives, we choose friends ourself, so i need a friend of my dreams. A friend who can be sincere before whom i can think out loud. I am a person who dont like fame nor crowed rather a corner of peace with few but special friends. I feel friendship is like strings of violine, the music may stop but the strings will last forever. I need a friend with whom i can share my secrets deep, who can be a shoulder to cry on when the days are blue. One who can only see me in crowed who can hear only me in noise. I will give calm and comfort n will be by ur side even when the whole world will be against u, i will protect u and with unselfish love i will protect u. I assure u that for me ur dignity and respect will be more dear then my own. I am a person who have two treasures in life one is my smile and other is my tears, my smile is for others and my tears are just for me. I can change ur frown into a smile, when u r down. I will understand ur little trials and will lend a hand. I will share ur litte dreams cuz i care. For me u will be gold, i will give all love ur heart can hold. U will never be alone, i will be near to u, all u need is to call, i will always be there for u. so if u think u have similar thoughts n u need similar kinda friend, then do reply me, even if not then always keep smiling cuz u know ur smile is great source of oxygen for ur loved ones, i wish life treat u kind and u will have all u wish for n above all this i wish love and respect of all. Allah Hafiz

Anybody who actually reached the end of it, please mail me a summary. I didn’t bother reading past the first sentence.

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  1. Majaz says:

    oh my god! This is hilarious!! This guy’s probably spamming every girl on facebook with that message! He’s probably even gotten a few dumb bimbos in his friend’s list! Coz come on. You gotta give him credit. At least he went through the trouble to come up with something a tad more original than frandship-me.

    Good heavens i still can’t stop laughing.

  2. Humna says:


  3. Taimur says:


    Thank you!!

  4. ezuhaib says:

    I wonder how many days it would have taken for him to write all that.
    I linked to it at my blog, BTW. http://ezuhaib.wordpress.com/2011/09/22/you-know-you-are-a-franshipper-if/

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