He he. Refrain from obvious (or not so obvious) comments about the heading. The Jobless Elite Textile designers are a rare species. They’re not like MBA’s or doctors that you pick up a random rock and find them swarming over each other. There are only four institutes that offer an undergrad degree in textile design … Continue reading

Day 70 (also known as 70 days left)

Influenza, she wrote I don’t fall sick gracefully. You know how in Hollywood movies, the heroine lies dramatically on a couch covered in a shawl and people swarm around her, carrying juices and looking sad? Well that’s never me. I go around looking miserable with a filthy bit of tissue paper stuck between my nose … Continue reading

The Countdown begins- soon.

It’s surprising that with the little I have to do all day, I still don’t get time to blog. I wonder where time goes, and why it moves like a snail in front of you but once you pass it, it seems faster than a speeding bullet. In retrospect, you wish you had enjoyed the … Continue reading


All things happen for the best in this best of all possible worlds. Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz We worship Allah on the basis of His perfection. He is God, the One and Only, Absolute and Entire. We worship Him on the basis that He never makes mistakes. That He created humans exactly as He wanted them … Continue reading

Justifying pretty

I’m finding it hard to defend the liberal and fine arts. Arguments like “Humans were given a soul AS WELL as a body and mind,” and “the world needs more beauty and love” seem so Lennon they can’t be taken seriously; and to be honest, that’s the only argument for the USE of design I … Continue reading