Random thoughts jotted down at 4 a.m on the back of an old newspaper

When you reach 22 things start becoming real. You realize that you’re not a child anymore…but then also realize you spent so much time trying to be an adult you forgot to be a kid So now it’s all about making up for lost time, as well as trying to make as much of the … Continue reading

Hold me, thrill me, kiss me, kill me.

This song is one of the reasons (and there are a million) that i love U2 Hold me, thrill me, Kiss me, Kill me is a case of too great a song being featured in too crappy a movie. If only the director and screenwriter had worked as hard as the guy who chose the … Continue reading

Angry rant against Ayeshah Alam

I don’t care about Shobha’s day. And I care even less about Ayesha Alam. I don’t think either of these individuals is particularly brilliant, or that they have some wonderfully earth-shaking insights to impart on us lesser-mortal/women (since I doubt any self respecting guy would admit to reading Shobha’s Day) and I especially do not … Continue reading

Why I’m still Single

I know why I’m still single. I listen to Frank Sinatra. And my respect for my brother has increased. Very clever to download songs like “I’ve got you under my skin” and “when a man loves a woman” and burn a cd for his girlfriend. It’s been done to death but still never fails to … Continue reading

Blah. Whatever.

Oh screw the world, I’m sick of life already. All right. This is my world at the moment I am obsessing over having nothing to obsess about. This is not how I used to be. 3 years ago there used to be the Mangrove forest… you see, I was going to save it. I had … Continue reading

Sympathy for the chicken

So this is how chickens feel on Christmas Eve. And turkeys on Thanksgiving. Except that instead of 6 fussy old women doing the decorations, the chicken has the attention of only one. Lucky duck. Chicken, I mean. And it’s already dead. So there is none of the humiliation, helplessness and anger that it might have … Continue reading

This was us

before half of them graduated, at least.