They say the perpetrators of the Mumbai attacks are young men between the ages 20 to 25.My brother will turn 21 day after tomorrow.Whose kid brothers are out there, taking people hostage? Killing indiscriminately?I don’t know…everyone I’ve talked to is trying to turn this into a conspiracy theory; whereas I keep imagining Hani (my brother) … Continue reading

The Riddle of Bob Dylan

When you watch ‘I’m not there’, keep an open mind. If you are ‘all there’ you won’t be able to survive the first few minutes, so turn off the DVD player after reading the title and put on Grey’s Anatomy. This movie will kill you.But if you aren’t, keep moving forward. Pay attention. To the … Continue reading

What the-?? How did it DO that???

SAWJ pointed out this neat test which tells you what kind of blogger you are. Thing is, you just write down your url and click once and voila, you get the answer immediately. No questions, no rorschach blots. This is what i got: ISFP – The Artists The gentle and compassionate type. They are especially … Continue reading

Husn e Bazaar-aan

Saddar is the heart of Karachi. Whenever my father goes hazy over the days when he would walk from Manora cottage (ancestral home which by some weird family conspiracy was sold off and is now a block of flats) to Urdu bazaar and back before breakfast, he almost manages to convince me of a time … Continue reading

A la Tarantino.

This is the director I’m doing my thesis on: I am so screwed. After watching every movie and reading each script about 12 times I didn’t think I’d find anything interesting on youtube. The montages are usually pathetic slideshow presentations with background music, stuff that even I can do and I’m unbelievably backwards when it … Continue reading

The answer to Easypie’s question is here!

I can drive now. To emphasize the amazingness of this statement, let me illustrate the Turning Incident for you. This is how the average person makes a turning: This is how I made a turning last month. But that’s all history. Now I can drive.

Karachi’s X-girl

Computers hate me, cellphones blink out when I approach and microwaves self destruct the minute they see me enter the kitchen. I have a superpower; I kill machines.For example, my brother’s got the ptcl wireless broadband service installed and it works great when he needs the pc. But the minute I press the power button, … Continue reading

Been tagged by Mahwash. And since I want to write about something else I’ll just get this done with as soon as possible. The tag is: You have to write Three things which you pride yourself upon.Three things you hate about yourself.Three things that you can’t let go of.Three things that you love to eat.Three … Continue reading

Big Foot in an alternate universe

Nothing makes me happier than watching the hot person die at the end of a movie, other than having her/him die in the beginning. Beautiful people scare me. If they talk to me I wonder what their hidden, stuck-up, pain-in-the-ass agenda is; if they ignore me I know it’s because they’re stuck-up-pains-in-the-ass anyway. Nothing is … Continue reading

Another tag!!

Another tag!!! And this time, it’s Absar. Thanks yaar. At least today I won’t feel guilty about adding another self-centered post to the list. So: The Rules are:~ Link to the Blogger who tagged you.(done that)~ In your blog, post The Rules and…~ Six quirky but unspectacular factoids about yourself (err yeah, i can manage … Continue reading