He he. Refrain from obvious (or not so obvious) comments about the heading. The Jobless Elite Textile designers are a rare species. They’re not like MBA’s or doctors that you pick up a random rock and find them swarming over each other. There are only four institutes that offer an undergrad degree in textile design … Continue reading

Day 70 (also known as 70 days left)

Influenza, she wrote I don’t fall sick gracefully. You know how in Hollywood movies, the heroine lies dramatically on a couch covered in a shawl and people swarm around her, carrying juices and looking sad? Well that’s never me. I go around looking miserable with a filthy bit of tissue paper stuck between my nose … Continue reading

Leechy Me

I am wasting away. If there was any way I could get a job without having to give a single job interview, I’d go for it; even if it involved hanging a whiteboard around my neck with the words “hire me!” I hate job interviews. I suck at them. There’s a thin line between being … Continue reading

My first Interview!!!

So yes, I’ve already planned the press conferences I will give once I’m PM of Pakistan but this interview shall always remain carved in lino in my mind as my first ever interaction with the ‘papparazzi’. I feel so Angelina Jolie right now.