I haven’t posted for some time. My apologies. All I’ve written is right here in one veeeery long post. If you get to the end, please leave a comment assuring me you actually managed to finish 😀 21. 11. 2009 Ullu ke Pathey When life hands you a lemon, you can either make lemonade or … Continue reading


All things happen for the best in this best of all possible worlds. Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz We worship Allah on the basis of His perfection. He is God, the One and Only, Absolute and Entire. We worship Him on the basis that He never makes mistakes. That He created humans exactly as He wanted them … Continue reading

He he he…F-pshhht.

This post is rated PG-15  (Zehra, that means YOU). Please forgive me you guys, but I can’t not write about this. I miss the F-word. I’ve been cutting down, trying to find alternatives like fudge, n frig, n f-psssht (the noise I make when I start saying it and remember I shouldn’t) but they don’t … Continue reading

Pothole and coffee

I’m thinking of making myself some coffee but getting off the chair, walking up the stairs, taking out the milk, and whipping the coffee seems too much work. I wonder if I can ask Allah for telekinesis as an engagement present (I’m sure one of my friends will say “isn’t getting a ring enough?”- the … Continue reading

The unbearable lightness of being lost

(with apologies to Milan Kudera whose book I tried valiantly but unsuccessfully to read) This book was torture. Most contemporary classics are. Modern day writers believe the more unbearable the characters, the more chances of winning a Pulitzer and being considered a literary phenomenon. Why, I ask you, why would I read about people I … Continue reading