Hira goes to school

I’ve completely lost it. A few days ago, I’m standing at Nike, Park Towers, and they don’t have the shirt that I want, so I ask whether they can get it from the Nike at Forum and the guy says “Sure! Why don’t you give me your name and number and I’ll give you a … Continue reading

Unemployed and hating it.

Post marital depression. Should I look it up? Does it happen to everybody who’s been 4 months into this wedded life gig? Does this feeling of uselessness, indifference, and simple frustration drive all married girls to hate themselves, their pointless existence, and sometimes even the person who took them away from their pretty decent lives … Continue reading

To go, or not to go?

I’m 23, going on 24. I haven’t written my book. I haven’t gotten over my fear of flying yet. I haven’t hitchhiked across Europe- in fact I haven’t set foot on the European continent. I haven’t won the Nobel Prize, or the Pulitzer, or the Man Booker and I sure as hell haven’t gotten a … Continue reading

La Cinematique critiques chez Hira

So being a pretty bland/blonde person now that I’m married and under no pressure to seem interesting, I can do little more than provide you with my expert take on all that Hollywood (and pirated DVD distributors) have to offer. Ergo I proudly present… La Cinematique critiques chez Hira Dev.D Ok, so it’s not Hollywood, … Continue reading

16. 16!!! Six-F’in- teen!!!!!

Expect me to blog a lot in the following…let me count…16 (!!) days. I’m officially on leave now- my Zamzama days are over- for the time being. Haye how I miss them already… though honestly if I continued working there I’d be hopelessly bankrupt regardless of my salary. Butler’s Chocolate Café will be opening three … Continue reading

24- Dear God, the freaking out has started!

Let me tell you how I feel. I haven’t written any stream of consciousness post for a long time. I think I’ll give it a try right now. I’m in that place in time where all I want to do is get it all out. Take emotional laxatives… just release. I wonder why potty is … Continue reading


Oh dear God…I don’t know what to do. Should I pray for children? Or should I not pray for children? What in God’s name should a girl who’s not particularly fond of kids do? A few days ago, I, my mum and my cousin along with her two children went shopping for chooriyan. Yes, I … Continue reading

33 – II

Shhh… Let me tell you something. Close the door first. No, check that there’s nobody outside then shut the door. All clear? Positive? Good. What- do you expect me to scream it to you across the room?? Come closer!! Ok…now promise you won’t tell anyone…done? OK, here goes. *takes deep breath* I don’t like women. … Continue reading


He he. Refrain from obvious (or not so obvious) comments about the heading. The Jobless Elite Textile designers are a rare species. They’re not like MBA’s or doctors that you pick up a random rock and find them swarming over each other. There are only four institutes that offer an undergrad degree in textile design … Continue reading

Day 70 (also known as 70 days left)

Influenza, she wrote I don’t fall sick gracefully. You know how in Hollywood movies, the heroine lies dramatically on a couch covered in a shawl and people swarm around her, carrying juices and looking sad? Well that’s never me. I go around looking miserable with a filthy bit of tissue paper stuck between my nose … Continue reading