Stuff. And things.

Person I do not want to become: 1) The sort that has nothing to talk about other than her mangni and fiancé 2) The sort that has nothing to talk about other than her thesis and how she’s not working on it. 3) The sort that has nothing to talk about. Period.   I think … Continue reading

Old life, I miss thee already

Don’t worry. I haven’t run away. Yet. When I asked for a happening life, God, I did not ask you to send all the happenings You had planned for the next five years to be stuffed into this week. Really I didn’t. Love Your enthusiasm but honestly…. When you’ve got fifteen things running around your … Continue reading

The end of an era is nigh…

So my singledom will last for another 20 days and I plan to make the most of it. Though to be honest, I don’t have much clue how being engaged would be any different from being single for me. Other than the whole ‘having a fiance’ bit which seems very Dali-esque right now, I really … Continue reading


I ask myself a lot of questions every day. Starting with “why in heaven’s name do I have to get up at 6:30 if my university starts at 9?” and “why is the water so cold in the morning?” and “what should I wear today?” and “Bijli tau nahi gaee hui?” to “Will tomorrow be … Continue reading

The Infinite Playlist!

Asked for a feel-good movie and got it- miraculously. Opened Ares today and found Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist in the library. How’d it get there? Who downloaded it? The butler? The spirit of Saint Valentine’s month? Is he (gasp!) going to visit me tonight along with the Ghosts of Saint Valentines Month past and … Continue reading

The Cheshire cat

Everyone has a story. I thought I could tell mine without feeling humiliated after all this time but I can’t. There is no way I can recount everything without feeling the shame of rejection burning up my insides. I thought I’d made peace with this. That I had made peace with him. But I can’t … Continue reading


If things work out this could be my future. Fingers crossed, knocking on wood, keeping the black cats and ladders away, and starting with the naflain… I keep reminding myself not toplan, not to get over-enthusiastic about just a probability, and to hope for the best yet expect the worst; but some dreams don’t let … Continue reading

Anti V-day Rant- Chapter 1

It’s that month again. That awful awful awful awful awful awful AWFUL month. And considering 3 of my best friends’ birthdays fall in this Goddamn, manhoos-bil-manhoos, unhappiness bestowing, ghum main diboing, satyanaas- tareen month of the year I can’t even find a cubby-hole to hibernate in. Oh how I loathe this month. This month which … Continue reading

The fat lady sings

A month is over. University started today and I didn’t go. A few days ago I tried writing a story- which turned out exactly like I expected it would. Me talking to myself, saying nothing important. I never self analyze, I never self retrospect. I believe nobody can know me better than myself and the … Continue reading