Hira’s delivery guide

Ok, S and I don’t go out much- at least not in the ‘Let’s eat out everyday because we’ve only been married ten months and have no cares in the world!’ kind of way that other couples do. We eat out when I- at around 1 am- wake him up, tell him I’m bored out … Continue reading

La Cinematique critiques chez Hira

So being a pretty bland/blonde person now that I’m married and under no pressure to seem interesting, I can do little more than provide you with my expert take on all that Hollywood (and pirated DVD distributors) have to offer. Ergo I proudly present… La Cinematique critiques chez Hira Dev.D Ok, so it’s not Hollywood, … Continue reading

30 days!!!!!

Let me tell you what it feels like being able to buy shoes from Charles and Keith. Not actually buying them, but knowing that you can. It feels surreal. So surreal I want to cry. My hands shake at the thought of actually being able to afford splurging on nachos at forum; at having the … Continue reading


What a lovely job I have. My boss pays me to sit in the air-conditioning and watch TV. I do occasionally have to draw something or the other, but that takes up around 1/18th of my time. Today I came late and left early, and she didn’t even notice. What a darling she is. Absolute … Continue reading

Justifying pretty

I’m finding it hard to defend the liberal and fine arts. Arguments like “Humans were given a soul AS WELL as a body and mind,” and “the world needs more beauty and love” seem so Lennon they can’t be taken seriously; and to be honest, that’s the only argument for the USE of design I … Continue reading

I am Dexter’s mum?

Some days you just know will be strange. Like today. Usually when I look in the mirror first thing in the morning I think “damn, my nose didn’t get smaller” but today I happened to glance at my ears first  and realized the most terrifying thing : the color of my earrings are exactly the … Continue reading