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    My loves are numerous, my hates defy counting- but onions top the list. I ride a yellow scooter when my flying carpet's at the laundry. You can talk to me about anything; politics, sports or cinema- just don't expect me to listen.

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Hi! Since you all know how completely incapable of multitasking I am, I’ll probably be giving even less attention to this blog in the future. Do not grieve though, my friends. You won’t be missing much.

Down Memory Lane

4031 Page Court, Pleasanton, CA. We lived there, ages ago. It was a cul de sac, and our neighbors were Bob, and his wife whose name I’ve forgotten except that it began with an M (I think). No wait, her name was Fran. Whatever, I was close. They were ancient, and when Bob died my … Continue reading

Homesick. Again.

So I watched Inception yesterday at the Cineplex- the mini theater house that all Karachi goes to now that the bigger, better cinemas have gone out of fashion, and though the movie was as much fun as a Leonardo Di Caprio starrer can be (which is not very), I have major gripes about the experience … Continue reading

Maybe in another world

I just wanted this picture to be on the front page and it seems this is the only way possible. WordPress is confusing.

Hira’s delivery guide

Ok, S and I don’t go out much- at least not in the ‘Let’s eat out everyday because we’ve only been married ten months and have no cares in the world!’ kind of way that other couples do. We eat out when I- at around 1 am- wake him up, tell him I’m bored out … Continue reading

29th July 2010

Nowadays I dream of a townhouse. Maybe two bedrooms, small garden in the front, an assigned parking space, walking distance to NYC transportation, a kitchen with a proper counter, and if possible, owner pays utilities…that’d be nice. Maybe I might even get this within $1000 a month. Highly unlikely, but here’s to Obama and whatever … Continue reading

Vent. Skip post.

Hardest thing in the world is to  let things be. Women are naturally vindictive. In anger, we tend to claw and maul and scream at whatever caused the pain and then dissolve like sea salt once the violent spell is over. Or maybe thats just me. I wonder if it wouldn’t be better if I … Continue reading

Bored at Work.

Money. Or specifically, the lack of it. More precisely, the lack of an excess of money. I’m not penniless, just millions of dollarsless. It is without doubt my greatest woe that I am not super duper, Lex Luthor rich. My second woe is that I’m inconveniently simple. See, after you get married, one thing becomes … Continue reading

Quick rundown of the last-let me count- five (FIVE!???) months. Five. How time flies. Started work at City School PAF chapter. Worst three months of my life. Moved from the navel to the small toe of Karachi’s left foot. We can now officially claim to have shellfish as our closest neighbors. Got my devar successfully … Continue reading

Hira goes to school

I’ve completely lost it. A few days ago, I’m standing at Nike, Park Towers, and they don’t have the shirt that I want, so I ask whether they can get it from the Nike at Forum and the guy says “Sure! Why don’t you give me your name and number and I’ll give you a … Continue reading