Hello there Mrs. S

Isn’t it strange? The way things can change The life that you lead, turned on its head   It’s hard, adjusting. There are moments you want to hide in the bathroom and cry for your mommy but then someone knocks and asks you if everything’s ok. You say “yeah, out in a minute” and wish … Continue reading

0. Lift off

Didn’t expect me to be online today, didja? That’s a hundred bucks (read dollars) for me, courtesy Absar. Yeay, shopping! So November 6th is actually here. And I STILL can’t type at all. Mehndi and these extremely annoying nails make typing harder than clipping grass with tweezers on a football green. I’ve realized long hair … Continue reading


4th November I’ve got nails. And I really have no clue how you nail-ed (what else do I call you?) people get any work done. I can barely type. I’ve got so much to say and just putting my fingers on the keyboard is giving me a heart attack- what if they chip, or break, … Continue reading