4th November

I’ve got nails.

And I really have no clue how you nail-ed (what else do I call you?) people get any work done. I can barely type. I’ve got so much to say and just putting my fingers on the keyboard is giving me a heart attack- what if they chip, or break, or I damage the coat?

Dear god, that’s 1/4th of my salary down the drain…

Went to Nabila’s yesterday and got acrylics. My hands look awesome 😀

Ok I can’t type at all.


You nail-ed people are stupid.


2nd November

Forever. The longest  word in the English language..not a word in fact, but a sentence.


Remember how we threw it about?

H + M forever.

H + A forever.

Now H + S forever.

This time for real, if God is willing.

Can you grasp it? Grasp the concept of eternity, in this life at least?

Love, I’ve learned, doesn’t just happen. It’s not accidental, it’s not something you can’t prevent. Love is cultivated; it’s a decision you take, sometimes spontaneous, sometimes deliberate. You control its extent, and maybe, if you’re stronger than the average person, you can control its potency, but love is not all powerful. Love is not a god.

I chose to let myself fall in love with S. and now I realize it had little to do with him. It was all me, 100%. It happened because I kept taking a few steps forward; he helped, but I chose the course.

I think of things that could have been; even though it’s pointless now and I’ve realized that I’m one of those lucky few whose problems solve themselves. People choose their battles, and I just watch and let my battles rage on without my help.

Faded  hearts sketched on old note books- makes me happy knowing how human one can be.



15 Responses to “2”
  1. Minerva says:

    lol. All the best.

    Don’t know what else to say.

  2. pinkkay says:

    you are not panicking at all!! :/
    *target escaped,game over*

    jk..Go steal the show! dont let S outshine you..yeah yeah i know the main-woh-aik-he-baat concept..but still, i want My friend to win 😀

  3. anas imtiaz says:

    oh abhi tak shaadi nai hui … i thought ab tak ho chuki hogi 😀

    time doesn’t pass so fast after all!

  4. Leena S. says:

    H + S forever insha Allah….all the best 🙂

  5. Humna says:

    OMG i lovvveeeee your 2nd november wali entry.. Gives me so much hope!

  6. Absar says:

    Meahahah! I was right! 😛

  7. Absar says:

    Good luck ustaad! Kick butt getting married (that’s what you women do, right? :P) And try to show up at your wedding yeah? 😛

  8. Absar says:

    And 100 bucks says we don’t get to read a 6th November post 😛

  9. farooqk says:

    You’re SCREWED! 😀

  10. oh well You are getting married at my 25th birthday :p oh well there are more, I am also supposed to get marry in couple of weeks but it has been delayed for at least 8 months. And also mine story is almost same I am like your S, she fell for me and then taken this relation to some great heights I just helped but I feel like damn lucky and will never take it for granted. 🙂

  11. Senilius says:

    Before marriage, girls freak out. Guys freak out after marriage! 😛

    Okay okay, just kidding. May you and ‘S’ live happily ever after. 🙂

  12. Sophi says:

    All the best Hira and take great care of your nails 😀

  13. shiny says:

    omg ure like married now probably.. and im seeing this post nowwww

  14. shiny says:

    All the best!!!

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