Down Memory Lane

4031 Page Court, Pleasanton, CA. We lived there, ages ago. It was a cul de sac, and our neighbors were Bob, and his wife whose name I’ve forgotten except that it began with an M (I think). No wait, her name was Fran. Whatever, I was close. They were ancient, and when Bob died my … Continue reading

Unemployed and hating it.

Post marital depression. Should I look it up? Does it happen to everybody who’s been 4 months into this wedded life gig? Does this feeling of uselessness, indifference, and simple frustration drive all married girls to hate themselves, their pointless existence, and sometimes even the person who took them away from their pretty decent lives … Continue reading

24- Dear God, the freaking out has started!

Let me tell you how I feel. I haven’t written any stream of consciousness post for a long time. I think I’ll give it a try right now. I’m in that place in time where all I want to do is get it all out. Take emotional laxatives… just release. I wonder why potty is … Continue reading

Anti V-day Rant- Chapter 1

It’s that month again. That awful awful awful awful awful awful AWFUL month. And considering 3 of my best friends’ birthdays fall in this Goddamn, manhoos-bil-manhoos, unhappiness bestowing, ghum main diboing, satyanaas- tareen month of the year I can’t even find a cubby-hole to hibernate in. Oh how I loathe this month. This month which … Continue reading


So I come back home after a long tiring day running around the city in a rickshaw and find a thick book with a “Snow White in Goth land” type cover lounging on my bed, waiting for me and think, “It’s a gift from heaven, now all I need is some tea and privacy…”Then I … Continue reading