World inside my cubicle

This is my world. My ten foot square universe. The country of Hira-nia. All a person needs to be truly happy is a 10 foot square cubicle to call one’s own, a cup of hot tea and an mp 3 player. And privacy. Where politician’s names are printed on lotay, and a yellow man literally … Continue reading

Wanted: Escort for Halloween party

Rotaract Cosmopolitan is throwing a Halloween party for couples only at Carlton hotel on Friday night. Tickets are Rs 2000 per pair, and anyone interested can please contact Shehzad Sabir or just leave me a line on this blog and I’ll tell you where you can get tickets. By the by, it seems as president … Continue reading

Full Metal Panic- Fumoffu

My brother is an anime addict, and like other addicts he likes to spread the dope around. Now ever since he’s bought a terra-byte memory hard drive he’s been downloading anime like a manga-iac (haw haw, I made a funny!). Khaer, lame humour aside, his latest love is ‘Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu’, a manga tv … Continue reading

The Passion of the Ceiling Fan

Rotaract’s Gilani- there but pointless

The last thing you do is take the world’s most antisocial person, and make her president of a social club. Then expect her to attend meetings and events. Then also expect her to enjoy them. Soon you will probably expect her to sing karaoke (“…and I will love you…baybeh…AAALLLLWAAAYS…!) in one of those fellowship events … Continue reading

Dolls and scary babies in diapers

Am i the only one who finds this commercial scary as hell? Babies in diapers walking like men remind me of blue eyed blonde kids wanting to take over the world. Also remind me of those 4 foot tall pollyanna dolls that were all the rage in the 90’s. My cousin had one and whenever … Continue reading

Guilt can’t be washed off with a shower, can it? ‘Not in this world’, says Majaz. So I’ll have to live with it, stuck on my skin like tar til it finally decides to rub itself off, if ever. Unbelievable cruelty with what I believe were the best of intentions, I can be thoughtless in … Continue reading

Ode to a great, but extremely stupid day

Some days just belong moment by moment inside a journal. Today was one of them. I’ll remember every laugh, every insane idea, every single minute we launched into spontaneous bhangras; I’ll even try to remember how idiotic I felt when I found out that everything was a joke from start to finish. But I guess … Continue reading

Story just gets longer

So there you are, sitting in the departure lounge at Jinnah International waiting for the drone-lady to announce the boarding of your flight. It’s early, so early in fact that it can’t even be called morning. People around you are in various stages of nervous excitement, or nervous boredom, or nervous fear whereas you, you’re … Continue reading