Mushkilain itni pari mujh pe

Just when life seems to be taking a turn for the better, BAM! you hit a metaphorical random motorcycle wala and get stuck in a huge mess. My exams will finish tomorrow and another ordeal shall begin. My nani has taken rishta searching to new, unbelievable levels, and my mother does not make things any … Continue reading

Bijli, Mehndi, aur main

I am typing this in the drawing room, with no lights on and the door closed. My brother is in a catatonic state right now and I’m taking advantage of that by stealing his laptop, getting into wireless internet range and updating my blog without having to kick my sister off the pc downstairs. If … Continue reading


It’s raining during the middle of shadi season; let’s hope it saves me from having to attend any. I helped my mother make dhewri today. They’re laddus made of aata with nuts mixed in and taste like…well…like sweet aata with nuts mixed in. Not my favorite form of mithai but dhewris, it seems, are a … Continue reading

Dissertation and Blogger Party

Have you read those epic fantasy books that go on for 5-6 volumes and end in an epic (can’t find an alternate word) battle between right and wrong, good and evil, or light and dark? Liar, I know you have. Stop hiding your copy of the Belgariad under your bed.Khaer, that’s how I feel right … Continue reading

First things first.I’ve been tagged by SAWJ and Anas and if i didnt waste so much time hanging around other people’s blogs i might never have known. Damn my loserpana.So, here it is:(Copy-paste starts here!)Rules:* IT’S HARDER THAN IT LOOKS!* TAG 10 PEOPLE INCLUDING THE ONE THAT SENT THIS TO YOU.* USE THE 1ST LETTER … Continue reading

My first Interview!!!

So yes, I’ve already planned the press conferences I will give once I’m PM of Pakistan but this interview shall always remain carved in lino in my mind as my first ever interaction with the ‘papparazzi’. I feel so Angelina Jolie right now.

Sprinkle topped Eid

I don’t like Eid much, but some moments are pretty sweet. It’s funny how a cupcake can make life so much happier.

The unbearable lightness of being lost

(with apologies to Milan Kudera whose book I tried valiantly but unsuccessfully to read) This book was torture. Most contemporary classics are. Modern day writers believe the more unbearable the characters, the more chances of winning a Pulitzer and being considered a literary phenomenon. Why, I ask you, why would I read about people I … Continue reading


So I come back home after a long tiring day running around the city in a rickshaw and find a thick book with a “Snow White in Goth land” type cover lounging on my bed, waiting for me and think, “It’s a gift from heaven, now all I need is some tea and privacy…”Then I … Continue reading

Pearl grip and chrome plated

I’ll kill for a gun right now.Ok, that just sounded wrong. Recreating bullet holes in cloth without a gun is hell. The best I can do is just rip holes in the fabric and blacken the edges with a marker. Spraying around the frayed edges with red ink helps make it look a little authentic, … Continue reading