There is happiness in socks

I wonder why I plan things. I’ve got my life mapped out: my year in SCAD, and then moving to New York, working for a few years, returning to Karachi to start my own thing; to my house with the giant neem tree in the front yard and the circular bench around it… to where … Continue reading


So I get a lot of crank calls. A LOT. But this one guy is really beginning to piss me off. I’ve tried everything; from receiving his calls and putting them on the side, to letting it ring continuously for as long as it rings, to getting my brother to answer and enlighten the bastard … Continue reading

Kids and I

I like kids. I really do. I think they’re cute, and funny, and soft. And they’re fun to kiss (if you can catch them) and they’re fun to run after when you want to kiss them, and they say the darnedest things. But what can one do with a kid that’s none of these-yet? I … Continue reading

It’s a bird, it’s a plane- no, it’s pie!!

When the going gets tough, the tough make pie. Confucious hasn’t said it, but the wisdom behind it is profound. Pie is happiness within a 9 inch pan- it is the easiest cure to a broken heart and firm assurance that God (if nobody else) still loves you. And boy, did I nail this pie. … Continue reading

Hi! I’m new here

So I’ve moved to wordpress. And I’ve just realized I hate change- even change for the better. I need to know I’ve been somewhere before; seen it, felt it, smelt it. The unexpected scares me. Like everything else does. The danger that quacks in the night is the biggest wuss in blogger-land.


The sun sets at Jiwani. Basically, the sun sets pretty much at every spot on the planet, but it sets special in Jiwani. And we travelled an extra one and a half hour from Gwadar to see this miraculous sun set in all it’s golden, and purple glory. And i chronicled it. Every ten minutes … Continue reading

Mushkilain itni pari mujh pe

Just when life seems to be taking a turn for the better, BAM! you hit a metaphorical random motorcycle wala and get stuck in a huge mess. My exams will finish tomorrow and another ordeal shall begin. My nani has taken rishta searching to new, unbelievable levels, and my mother does not make things any … Continue reading


It’s raining during the middle of shadi season; let’s hope it saves me from having to attend any. I helped my mother make dhewri today. They’re laddus made of aata with nuts mixed in and taste like…well…like sweet aata with nuts mixed in. Not my favorite form of mithai but dhewris, it seems, are a … Continue reading

Dissertation and Blogger Party

Have you read those epic fantasy books that go on for 5-6 volumes and end in an epic (can’t find an alternate word) battle between right and wrong, good and evil, or light and dark? Liar, I know you have. Stop hiding your copy of the Belgariad under your bed.Khaer, that’s how I feel right … Continue reading

Sprinkle topped Eid

I don’t like Eid much, but some moments are pretty sweet. It’s funny how a cupcake can make life so much happier.