42- but 39. Uff. Whatever.

42 Disclaimer- This post and the author of it bear no ill feeling to Malinga. He is a great player, and I’m sure must have a wonderful personality. I don’t know why all of you insisted you wanted to read this. You’re not missing much- just the extreme superficiality and shallowness of yours truly. Oh … Continue reading


What a lovely job I have. My boss pays me to sit in the air-conditioning and watch TV. I do occasionally have to draw something or the other, but that takes up around 1/18th of my time. Today I came late and left early, and she didn’t even notice. What a darling she is. Absolute … Continue reading

When you hold it in your hand, does it turn into sand?

Hey Hira, You were an idiot when you were 18. Really. You were. Where were you then? Oh right, college…yeah, I remember those times. Not attending classes (can’t blame you there, it’s not like that shit would help you in the future), skulking round in the library having an illicit love affair with Fyodor and … Continue reading

Not part of the Countdown. Or it is. Whatever.

Don’t you Forget about me. Don’t, don’t don’t don’t… John Hughes is dead, by the way. Sigh, there ends another chapter in my life. So I’ve rediscovered the 80’s. Again. I have little clue  as to what’s new in all things music since not having cable does limit one’s knowledge of the world (you can’t … Continue reading


Various things have happened. None of them in the least interesting, but that’s never stopped me from writing about them before. Firstly, where I couldn’t find a single job, now I have two. Allah jab bhi deta he chappar phaar ke deta he. Chappar, patloon, chaata…in my case God doesn’t rain, He pours. Haye, how … Continue reading


Ok- so this has been bothering me for some time now. If these goray log think they’re so very smart, why haven’t they realized that only toilet paper isn’t adequate? The muslim shower is king. And how do they keep from scratching themselves  later? Thank Allah for little blessings.


My mother and I are- different. She’s a social phenomenon. I’m a bit verbal-accident prone. She drives like a maniac- Nascar should be glad to have her. I drive. And that’s a big deal. Really. She spends her days in a whirlwind of energy doing good deeds and completing the leftover tasks of others. I … Continue reading


November 6th 2005 I fell in love. Truly, madly, deeply for the first time. It was new, and it was secret…or so I thought. Before a month was over though, he, and all his friends knew about it. On October 5th 2007, I lost my mind. And my self respect. Luckily nobody read my blog … Continue reading