Hira goes to school

I’ve completely lost it.

A few days ago, I’m standing at Nike, Park Towers, and they don’t have the shirt that I want, so I ask whether they can get it from the Nike at Forum and the guy says “Sure! Why don’t you give me your name and number and I’ll give you a call when it comes?” I say “Woo hoo! You’re a Greek god” but then he asks me my name, and I’m blank.

For all of ten seconds- which is half as long as that tedious Zong ad- I can’t remember my name.

Then, in a fit of inspiration, I say “Hina”

After which I remember that’s not me, that’s my sister in law.

Woe. The end is nigh.

Today I finished my first book after my shadi. True it’s around a thousand pages long but it took me a whole long month- me, the girl who finished The Deathly Hallows in eight hours in front of a 1998 PC called Egbert, with frequent attacks by load shedding. And yet it took me 37 days to finish one of the finest fantasy novels of the 20th century, Johnathan Strange and Mr. Norrell (highly recommended for all Potterheads, Mahw)- and you know what, I can’t think at all.

Ok, let me tell you the truth. I haven’t been blogging for a very good reason: I just can’t. Not due to lack of inspiration; I still compose posts in my head whenever anything even slightly interesting happens in my life, but I can’t focus at all. My desktop’s placed in the TV lounge, and usually when anybody sees me there, they decide it’s a perfect opportunity to hand over the responsibility of the baby to me, which means either

a)      I’m stopping him from getting entangled in the various wires coming out of the printer, PS 2, my desktop, the dvd player and the laptop chargers, or

b)      I’m trying to keep my sanity intact while my ears throb with “Walk like a monkey” and refrains of “Let’s go find the higgledy piggledy pear tree!

When will Rayyan get over Barney and his Jungle Friends?

Khaer, this is not for long. I’ve got a strategy now. It’s called Hira’s plan for the future. Behold:

Mild-mannered Hira has basically one aim in life: Win the Nobel Prize. Since that is highly unlikely she will settle for a high-paying job with the minimum requirement of work- a lecturer at a graduate institute. For that she requires either loads of work experience or an extra degree, and in her current situation the second option seems to be the only option. The closest to a Master’s Degree that she can manage while staying in this city is the Post Graduate Diploma offered at Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture; which will cost her quite a bit of money that neither she, nor her hubby dearest has at present. So now let’s focus on the problem: how does she get the funds?

Simple: a job. Any job. The ends justifies the means.

Hence, mild mannered Hira has decided to be a school teacher for the time being. After all, if she can baby sit an 9 month old addicted to purple dinos, how hard will 12 year old monsters be?

In other words- at least I have something to do now 😀

27 Responses to “Hira goes to school”
  1. Haris Gulzar says:

    So is it the Nobel Prize we’re looking forward to? :-). Best of luck, and I really hope you don’t go about forgetting your name, and/or your students’ names when you start teaching hehe 😛

  2. pi says:

    why dont u instead write for newspapers. you are pretty good at i.
    do they give scholarships at indus.

  3. Minerva says:


    And they don’t have bookstores in Sana’a!!!!!

  4. Minerva says:

    They don’t have bookstores in Sana’a.

    Don’t rub it in 😦

  5. beyond says:

    good luck.

  6. Leena S. says:

    i agree with pi…but instead i would suggest freelance writing for various websites. u know u are really good at writing, shouldnt be much of a problem for you.

  7. farooqk says:

    beware of the pervy kids! 😛

  8. Absar Shah says:

    LOL! I just read about you joining City on Leenas blog, and dude, I couldn’t stop laughing … jis thaali mein khaya usi mein chhaid? Tch tch.. 😛

  9. Absar Shah says:

    Btw, shouldn’t the title of the post have been Hina goes to school? 😛

  10. Ali says:

    Oye hey hey hiraaaa syed? dadaaa u hv ur own bloggg 😛 fitttttttt

  11. Mutahira says:

    Ali haroon gave me the link to your blog cos he just found out about it!! n for some reason he got really excited…
    Anyways… im glad to hear about you going to school!! =P

  12. Senilius says:

    Going with Leena’s idea, why don’t you write for my tech blog? 😛

  13. You write so well.. You can work as a copy writer 🙂 You’ll get paid handsomely !!

    Mail me if you are interested. 🙂 A friend needs a copy writer.


  14. hina says:

    wohooo you go girl ! btw generation ppl need a freelancer ! check them out

  15. Minerva says:

    yaar dobara likhna nahee hai kuch?

  16. cynicalutopian says:

    I am reading “Mr Strange’, love it!!!! have a good satisfyingly thick read after ages!!! I dread when i finish it. any recomm?

  17. Ok… I aint reading this much on my first day back!

  18. pinkkay says:

    Hira, hadd hoti hai,main kitni bar kaan se pakar k wapas laon tmhain?! :/

    i am serious…it’s been ages, AGES!! since we heard from you….qasam se dil udas ho gaya hai :’,(
    ok.thats it..i am gonna quote a mobile stalker, “gaali hai dai do, per kuch tu kaho” 😉

  19. Hahahaha! Never thought I ‘d see the day… Pinkkay proclaiming her love for Hira…. by quoting a mobile stalker!!

  20. pinkkay says:

    oh so that’s how people are “outed” .a lil too late in this case, nahin? :mrgreen:

  21. pinkkay says:

    come back, Hira..or, or i will bestow upon you an unforgivable nickname; “Hero”

  22. Dear Hero,
    Dont come back, the sphere is so great without you!


  23. majworld says:

    very nice blog..read almost whole of it :)…

  24. Musab says:

    Sweet Lord, it’s been a while nahi?

  25. Forex says:

    good luck with your book and about forgeting your name will that is something i know how it feel cozi forget mine sometime 😀

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