Just because

This is my space. And for some reason it seems more me than my room. My room is completely devoid of personality, well it’s devoid of mine at least. But then, i often wonder whether i have a personality; and if i do, how much of it is original and how much is made up … Continue reading

Meatloaf ke jhoote waade

2 blogs in one day. i either overdo or underdo. i never just do. I’d do anything for love (12 minute version) And I would do anything for loveI’d run right into hell and backI would do anything for loveI’d never lie to you and that’s a factBut I’ll never forget the way you feel … Continue reading


I am not the girl who killed Ironman Nor Evil Hir-eivel on her yellow scooter I’m not the Phattu Queen And I’m not Johnny’s May I am Monica Geller And that Is truly terrifying.

Sleepless in Seattle is an awful movie. Meg Ryan’s a stalker, the kid is obsessive and psychotic and Tom Hanks is a dork. The only good line in the movie is when Hanks screams at Jonah about how Fatal Attraction scared the hell out of him; in fact it scared the hell out of every … Continue reading

Starting to say goodbye

Today was the last working day of the semester. Shazi, Salman, Haris, Haris, Mohsin and Ali’s last working day. And I didn’t go to university. Not that it makes much of a difference to anyone. But I will miss them…Shazi more than anything, considering she’s the one who keeps us together with her stupid jokes, … Continue reading

The girl who killed ironman is a wuss

I hate my guy friends. Really I do. Or maybe I hate the fact that they act nothing like other people’s guy friends act like. They don’t carry my stuff, they don’t help me with my weaving, they never let me borrow their usb, they do not drive me anywhere, they do not pay for … Continue reading

I got this message on Facebook recently, from this dude named Osman: Salam, well i am a new user on facebook. I am looking for a true, special and harmless friend, one who can see right through my eyes,who can touch my soul, who can feel my eyes, who can penetrate deep down my thoughts. … Continue reading

Important Announcement

Ladies and GentlemenAdil Moosajee is officially off my tomato list because he is finally putting my gothic architecture design into production!So in a month or so, maybe (just maybe) I will enter Ego with a friend and point out to her proudly, “see that? that’s MY design!”And this is all because I decided to virtually … Continue reading

Microsoft Word 2007 is difficult. I have absolutely no idea how to format my document, and what with the rulers on the top and left being missing, the page looks horribly naked. Actually it doesn’t look naked. There are a hundred million icons on the top, many of which I have never seen before and … Continue reading

Being Musharraf

It must suck to be the President of Pakistan. Not only are you blamed for everything that goes wrong (and this includes traffic jams, and bad weather…) but you also have to deal with frequent uncivil civil society members who write disgustingly rude columns in the newspaper. And the best way to deal with people … Continue reading