Is it just me, or do the girls of Defence and Clifton all look the same?

Sigh.Yeah I check out girls. And guess what? So does every other woman on the planet. We have this deep-seated need to compare ourselves with every female in the room, and then ask whoever is standing next to us whether he/she thinks we’re prettier/hotter/thinner than that pretty/hot/thin girl in the corner. And if the witch … Continue reading

Me, You and random light bulbs

Blowing one’s nose becomes unbelievably painful when one’s nose is pierced, which ultimately makes having a cold even more irritating. One goes around with this feeling of unfulfilledness- of having a stuffy nose which cannot be un-stuffied- of having a mission that cannot be accomplished. It’s an itch that can’t be scratched and it drives … Continue reading

Here’s to you, Mr. President

When you wake up tomorrow the world will have become a brighter, happier, safer place. There will be no more deaths in Iraq, no more fuel and food embargoes on the Palestinian people, Gitmo will have closed down and the world will take a huge breath of relief that they can sleep without the fear … Continue reading


(i had planned to password protect this post but decided against it. if i wrote it, i should be brave enough to show it to the world. Heck, why should i care what anyone else thinks?) A kiss is still a kiss in Casablanca Until I watched Casablanca I believed that nothing was worth half … Continue reading

I am Dexter’s mum?

Some days you just know will be strange. Like today. Usually when I look in the mirror first thing in the morning I think “damn, my nose didn’t get smaller” but today I happened to glance at my ears first  and realized the most terrifying thing : the color of my earrings are exactly the … Continue reading

There is happiness in socks

I wonder why I plan things. I’ve got my life mapped out: my year in SCAD, and then moving to New York, working for a few years, returning to Karachi to start my own thing; to my house with the giant neem tree in the front yard and the circular bench around it… to where … Continue reading

Ignorance is Sanity

Not having cable television limits you. You get information 8 hours late (on average) or through text messages where people assume you do know what’s going on, and then act shocked when you don’t. And it makes you feel that maybe the world isn’t falling apart as badly as it actually is. But in cable-abstinence’s … Continue reading


So I get a lot of crank calls. A LOT. But this one guy is really beginning to piss me off. I’ve tried everything; from receiving his calls and putting them on the side, to letting it ring continuously for as long as it rings, to getting my brother to answer and enlighten the bastard … Continue reading

Kids and I

I like kids. I really do. I think they’re cute, and funny, and soft. And they’re fun to kiss (if you can catch them) and they’re fun to run after when you want to kiss them, and they say the darnedest things. But what can one do with a kid that’s none of these-yet? I … Continue reading

It’s a bird, it’s a plane- no, it’s pie!!

When the going gets tough, the tough make pie. Confucious hasn’t said it, but the wisdom behind it is profound. Pie is happiness within a 9 inch pan- it is the easiest cure to a broken heart and firm assurance that God (if nobody else) still loves you. And boy, did I nail this pie. … Continue reading