The hell that is Eid

6:15 pm Today is the second day of Eid. Today the extent of my parents social life becomes evident…it seems anybody who has ever met ammi and abbu can never forget them. He/she finds it necessary to pay homage to them every eid, to bask in my mother’s wonderful interpersonal skills and to listen with … Continue reading

Untitled Blog #2

UFF!!! Kiya satyanaas mara he main ne apne hourlies ka! I’m so screwed…there goes my dream of another 3.5+ GP. Khaer, it happens. Shit happens. If it didn’t, we’d all have constipation and a constipated world is an unhappy world. Let us thank God for shit, Amen. Hmm…so I’ve massacred my chance for a Dean’s … Continue reading

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned :P

It hurts just the same. I keep telling myself it’s over but it’s exactly the same. You never get over your first love, though you may reach the point where you cant stand seeing him and the idea of having a conversation with him starts you yawning but you’ll still not be over him. It’s … Continue reading