This Eid i shall have no nails at all- not that i mind, since i use nail polish to decorate my mp3 player and nail polish remover as print transfering liquid.I wouldn’t miss my nails so much if i didn’t feel this recurring desire to scratch someone’s eyes out. Anybody’s at all actually- I’m not … Continue reading

I know Jack

So yesterday I decided to quit reading newspapers. But this morning I couldn’t help myself and opened Dawn again. Then closed it. Sigh, opened it again, turned to letters to the Editor and looked around for something slightly derogatory about Zardari. I know, I know. If I want to read something insulting towards him all … Continue reading

Summary of the tale of the windshield cleaning child and the grey cultus driver

I dread only one thing more than death, and that’s poverty. Poverty, which kills your dreams, talent and self respect. Which makes you stand still while your ego is trampled on. Which keeps you from striking back. Poverty kept the windshield-sweeping child from lashing out at the car driver who slapped him. And pride kept … Continue reading

ALWAYS ALWAYS THE ASSHOLES!!!! WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH US WOMEN???? wow. there went today’s roza. And i just completely contradicted my last blog entry. But honestly, when every single girl you know (including yourself) makes the same mistake, it’s not funny anymore. This isn’t a sit com…this is right out of the Twilight … Continue reading

When the fury dies, all’s left is ice.

Had I ever stopped believing true love existed somewhere I might not have spent my entire life single. But deep down inside every cast iron cynic is a jasmine-sniffing, daffodil-admiring romantic trying to break lose from her straightjacket and punch the cynic on the nose. Mercifully, I’m smart enough to keep my romantic on drugs. … Continue reading

A Masi in Manhattan

The Tube Two cats sit side by side by the potted plant but seem oblivious to each other’s presence. For some reason they remind me of women sitting in the subway. I’ve only been on the subway once in my life, and that was when we were headed towards the statue of Liberty. An African … Continue reading