Random thoughts jotted down at 4 a.m on the back of an old newspaper

When you reach 22 things start becoming real. You realize that you’re not a child anymore…but then also realize you spent so much time trying to be an adult you forgot to be a kid

So now it’s all about making up for lost time, as well as trying to make as much of the time we’ve got.

Now, at 22, I know that life isn’t fair. If God was just, we would all be equally beautiful, equally intelligent, and equally talented. But we’re not.

You see God is an artist, not a scientist. He makes a masterpiece with every human, frog, or amoeba. If God was a scientist we’d all be clones of Adam and Eve, (or the first frog, amoeba etc)

We write for two reasons: to tell the truth, or hide from the truth. Isn’t that funny? Nobody ever mentions that the knight in shining armor is balding and has bad breath…or that the evil witch might live happily ever after, rather than paying for her sins

One day, I’ll wake up and realize that I haven’t seen Europe, I haven’t learned to ride a bike (or swim), my kids think I’m backward and my husband prefers golf to me. And I have no money to run away with. I should start saving up for the cruise today…

Being happy doesn’t require much effort. The more you try to be happy, the less likely it will be.

Happiness comes when you have someone to blame. Nothing makes one sadder than knowing that everything is one’s own fault.

Happiness is realizing that no matter how ugly your nose is, you’d look worse if you didn’t have one.

It comes when the people you love seem to love you back

When the lasagna you baked turns out perfect

It’s finding a hundred rupee note in the pocket of newly laundered jeans

It’s waking up at 6 and realizing its Saturday…

Happiness isn’t the perfect life. It’s believing our life to be perfect.

It’s about forgetting the bads (though that seems impossible) and remembering the goods (though they seem insignificant)

Happiness is the hundred million things that go right, as opposed to the thousand that go wrong.

Happiness is waking up in this world and hoping that everything will be as wonderful as we had dreamed it to be.

And even if it’s not, it’s knowing that there’s still a lot more left to dream about.

6 Responses to “Random thoughts jotted down at 4 a.m on the back of an old newspaper”
  1. Majaz says:

    This is your best post yet.

    Filhaal that’s all I’m going to say.

  2. Esfand` says:

    😀 wow! awesome …. hehe, you are on the track I guess ….

    Keep going !!!

  3. Majaz says:

    Post something! From your trip!

  4. BeKn|GhTeD says:

    I’ll drink to that 🙂

  5. Easypie says:

    For the point on someone to blame ; what happens when not only you but your whole family starts to blame everything onjust one person ?

    Chair broke , it must have been Imran

    Cars out of gas , it must have been Imran .

    Life sure looks pretty dull when that happens and your Imran .

  6. Hira S. says:

    awww…that must suck.

    i guess the only way out of that is for you to have someone to blame when someone blames you

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