This seat is made for sitting

How awful is it when nobody wants to sit next to you in the point? Not that bad actually since I got to sleep the entire way back and didn’t have to nod my head to constant rambling and continue the conversation using “haan?” “nahi!!” and “waqai?” wherever I saw fit. I wouldn’t mind having the seat next to me empty if it didn’t scream out how unpopular I am. Sigh…I guess I better get used to it now.

One only realizes how huge a blessing water is when one is dying of thirst. I was so thirsty today that the sludge in the lake was actually looking good. I felt like going out in the streets shouting out “a horse, a horse, my kingdom for a horse” like Richard the third; except that I would rather be asking for a bottle of mineral water and I have no kingdom to trade for it. I’d willingly barter off my used battery collection though. Any takers? Ever since Ramzaan started BBC Food and masala are the only channels I feel like watching. The only websites I visit feature Ramzaan specialties like gol gappay and anokhey kabab. I worship food, I can dream about it endlessly. Write about it, sing about it, make a gigantic statue of Jamie Oliver in the name of it….Food, oh glorious food.

I love Karachi. It’s the ideal place to be if you’re a food maniac. People overdo Lahore’s standing as a khana kingdom, after all Karachi has everything. From the world’s greatest kabab rolls to some really bang-up hummus and shwarma…oh hell, now I’m hungry too.

But what I really really miss right now, is tea. The first thing I’ll do after the azaan is take a bite of a khujoor and then settle down with a huge mug of chai and a plateful of pakoray.

By the by, I’ve been reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows again, and again and again and strangely, the more I read it the less sense it makes. At first everything seems to tie in nicely, but then afterwards you can’t help thinking that it’s all a bit too coincidental and some parts just don’t gel; I mean how many multiple reasons can you think up for Harry not dying? And why do wizards even bother dying in the first place seeing their spirits live on in pictures, broken glass mirrors, and Harry’s subconscious?

One Response to “This seat is made for sitting”
  1. Aasim says:

    I’m glad no one sits with me in the point. I get to sleep. And if someone does sit next to me I can’t even fit into the seat without eventually breaking my back or finding that I can’t feel my legs when it’s time to get up. And that’s when it gets awkward. Cause the driver’s expecting you to get up and get out and you know how it is when the bus stops. You want to just make it as quick as possible. And there I am trying to pump some blood into my legs. And then I eventually get up in this weird wobbly state and hop scotch off the bus.

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