Weblog 2: Hira’s Empty Slate

So Shazia’s getting married…. How weird is that? On Friday she will officially become Mrs. Hasan Udvani. I still can’t believe it. In a way it’s kind of romantic and story-bookish, after all how many period romances have I read where the hero and heroine are somehow inexplicably tied up together in a quirk of fate? I’d say about a dozen. I remember this exceedingly shitty Mills and Boon book my friend made me read in which the heroine gets married in a matter of hours to the hero (who other than being twice her age, was named Don Diablo…I mean puh-leeze!) and after one or two misadventures realizes that she loves him after all. Ok, so maybe Shazia’s story isn’t as much a quirk of fate as all that…but it’s still pretty dramatic. One day she’s happily single, flirting with any guy who can pay for her milkshake and the next, she’s married. I’d like a bit of time to mentally prepare myself before I get emotionally handcuffed to anybody.

But then, I’m clean. You won’t find a single commitment throughout my 21 year timeline. Mera jeewan kora kaghiz, mera dil ek khali slate he…as to why, there are three reasons:

a) the guys I like, don’t like me
b) the guys who like me, I can’t stand
c) the guys I like, and who like me back (by some strange unearthly coincidence)… well I can’t really commit to the thought of being commited to them. To simplify the previous sentence, I’m a mess.

So you see, you’ll have to physically handcuff me, before you can emotionally handcuff me. I pity the man I marry.


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