Quick rundown of the last-let me count- five (FIVE!???) months.

Five. How time flies.

Started work at City School PAF chapter. Worst three months of my life.

Moved from the navel to the small toe of Karachi’s left foot. We can now officially claim to have shellfish as our closest neighbors.

Got my devar successfully married off to his high school sweetie; successfully in the sense that I did NOT end up tripping on my saari, decimating the stage and ruining their big night. Go me.

And- you won’t believe this one- managed to find a decent job (withe the help of a friend) at a pretty big textile mill that lets me go early enough to get home before S. and robs me not of my Saturday.

Life is good I tell you, for a change.

So anyway, so much has happened that I couldn’t find time to update you all about everything that was happening. it would involve long rambling stories about kids who obsess over the WWE and cannot make a single sentence without mentioning one wrestler or the other; and painful sagas about a staffroom filled with middle-aged married women who suck the soul out of children and fresh new teachers to preserve their jobs. Posts would also dwell on the lack of creativity, spontaneity and talent of the average schoolteacher, and the excess of red-tape, bureaucracy and overall incompetence of an educational institute’s management. Stuff that you, and any other sane person, would not really be interested in.

I could also tell you interesting stories of life in an upscale apartment situated somewhere near Bikini Bottom. For example that time when the curtains fell off and me and S. woke at 5 every morning for a week to wretchedly watch the dawn and wish we lived in Alaska where the sun doesn’t rise at all; or the time a pigeon got trapped in the false ceiling of our bathroom and i was pretty sure it had to be haunted. Or the day we accidentally went up to the tenth floor of the block of flats next to ours, knocked on an empty apartment and confidently told the receptionist HE was in the wrong building.

There are also tales of marital disharmony, familial discord as well as the subsequent kiss and make ups.

Nothing particularly interesting at all.

3 Responses to “”
  1. Minerva says:

    Thank GOD you’re out of City.

    Extremely happy that you’re doing something you love now.

  2. Musab says:

    Congratulations on finding a job that ‘robs you not of your Saturday’, and welcome back!!

  3. Leena S says:

    finally, u are back!!! it was always a bit disappointing to come here and see ur blog so deserted. anyway, congratulations on ur new job and ur new apartment 🙂

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