Go to hell Cupid

Remember this?

And this?

And I assure you the anti romance feeling was just as strong the year before. Valentine’s day is not for the un-coupled. It is the day that whispers into the heart of susceptible single women that regardless of how accomplished and intelligent and successful they are, their life is pointless because they don’t have a guy.

I miss those days. Sigh.

Once upon a time, I could comfort myself that I was flower/ chocolate/ teddy bear/ all-three-free only because I was too proud/independent/tasteful to be with just anybody. I was waiting for the right person…THE person. And when he’d  show up, I too would be  part of the Valentine’s festivities. I too would celebrate the spirit of luuurve…

Fuck Valentine’s day. It’s still all the same.

Except now I have to think of better, more creative excuses to salvage what is left of my rom-com fantasy: maybe S. is planning something big for my birthday (he asked me when it was yesterday…his memory was a bit vague about the day and month ) ; maybe he’s forgotten the date, he might still be thinking it’s the 12th; maybe he actually thinks I don’t like flowers/ chocolate/ teddybears/ all three- he might believe I was allergic. After all, I like Tarantino and football.  It’s possible, no?

Khaer, life goes on. Without teddy bears hugging red hearts and chocolate boxes and jewellery boxes that sing…oh well.  Next time I won’t do something stupid like go to the Forum on the 14th. I’m certain if I hadn’t seen all those skinny wisps of women walking about proudly with a bunch of roses in one hand and a box of candy and a boy toy on the other, I might still feel pretty good about myself. Next time I’ll just lock myself in my room, unplug the television and read the Gormenghast trilogy til the alarm clock tells me the 14th is through.

S. can sleep on the balcony. He deserves it.

17 Responses to “Go to hell Cupid”
  1. Leena S. says:

    ummm i dont know wat to say, i must be the most unromantic person in the world, came to pakistan on valentine’s day!

  2. nahl says:

    SO many people hate Valentine’s day, I don’t know why it’s still a holiday!

  3. Humna says:

    aw hira, but well. its just a day, one of the many days. think of a day hes been particularly sweet, and keep that as your valentines day 😛

  4. Hira S. says:

    You wouldn’t BELIEVE what he did the day before Valentine’s (the anniversary of our engagement). He’s lucky i didn’t torch his Arsenal football club collection.

    You freak 😛

    The long suffering romantic inside me is whispering that she still kinda likes it…it’s all red, and frilly and pretty :S

  5. lol S needs to be told straight up. Plus u need to save ur bday in all his calendars. Sometimes u gotta take up measures to avoid let downs 🙂 help people keep u happy. u know they want to keep u happy 🙂

  6. Humna says:

    aww.. well.. try and guide him a little.. its okay to open up and state what you want at times too.. i have read that them guys dont really catch our subtle hints :/

  7. Leena S. says:

    yea i agree with Humna. in fact Pasha keeps telling me that if there is something that I want him to do, i need to tell him, he wont play a guessing game with me 😛

  8. Minerva says:

    B doesn’t blv in them.

    So there 😛

  9. Humna says:

    how unfun for us though 😐

  10. lilneuroticme says:

    that sucks, by the way totally dig your blog

  11. д§mд says:

    me and my husband both don’t believe in vals day 😉

  12. Ali says:

    dada u r full harry potter type yaaaar!

  13. Mutahira says:

    @ ALI hahahahahahahahahahah
    BOYS are stupid!!

  14. Ali says:

    mutahira u are a stupid man

  15. Ali says:

    hira i hate ellen! now she is hosting american idol!
    hiraa blog on ellen! full english main … about wt a STUPID MAN she is!

  16. Mutahira says:

    Grow up Ali!!!

  17. this is so funny. he forgot v day? did you hit him?? 😀

    i’m the first one to tell you V day is crap but the day i get married and he doesnt do something for it, is going to be THE day 😀 😀

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