To go, or not to go?

I’m 23, going on 24.

I haven’t written my book.

I haven’t gotten over my fear of flying yet.

I haven’t hitchhiked across Europe- in fact I haven’t set foot on the European continent.

I haven’t won the Nobel Prize, or the Pulitzer, or the Man Booker and I sure as hell haven’t gotten a nose job…sigh.

I haven’t done anything on that goddamn list except

Learn to drive, and

Fall in love.

At the speed I’m going, I’ll be 178 before I finish even half of what needs to be done. In my quest for an extraordinary life, I’m one step away from growing fungus on the Rock of Discontent.

Is it the weather? This grey, drab weather which I would have found romantic had my husband not been house hunting without me? Or is it the fact that the future, which was always a bit fuzzy, has now completely lost any semblance of coherence? Possibilities, possibilities…I can’t really focus until somebody gives me a clear picture. What on earth am I even looking at?

Dilemma 1- I might be moving out. As in, we might be moving out. Me and S.

Dilemma 2- I’m not sure we can actually afford it yet.

Dilemma 3- I still don’t have a job.

Dilemma 4- S. hates his. He’s looking for a better one.

Dilemma 5- I’m crazy spoiled. I can’t possibly live in one of those cheap flats off Gulistan e Jauhar, that have balconies connected to the balconies of other flats. Boo hoo if I offended somebody- but your area sucks.

Dilemma 6- We can’t afford any other place.

Other than the obvious benefits of actually having a say in one’s house and being able to roam around all day in one’s pyjamas; I can’t think up any reason to move out so soon. And it’s kind of silly making such a decision just because my husband is tired of telling his mum where we’re going. I don’t have a problem, why should he?

Oh well.

Men are silly.

Does anybody know of a nice flat, at a NICE place (as far from Gulistan e Jauhar, Liaquatabad, and Liyari as you can get) at a reasonable price?

No? I thought so.

10 Responses to “To go, or not to go?”
  1. Humna says:

    um hes rushing it.. if even you are alright with it, hes lived with the same for long enough in the same condition.. talk to him. tell him lets attain a particular salary level together and THEN we make such decisions. cz these things can create an environment of tension later on..

  2. farooqk says:

    how would you define reasonable price?! i was house hunting for quite a while recently, so maybe i can give you a good couple of tips there! 😛

  3. Minerva says:

    i agree with humna. these things may sound okay initially but they’re usually worth more thought than just, ‘okay, we’re moving’.

    finances are very very important. sure the eagles said that love will keep people alive – but they didn’t know gulistan e jauhar did they?

    ps. some gulistan e jauhar flats are really nice trust me.

  4. Ali says:

    I live in Gulistan-e-Jauhar. Baat na karna mujhse aainda.

  5. Haris Gulzar says:

    If you’re ready to be 178 before you do what needs to be done, why hurry in moving away from where you currently live. Just add it to the end of your list and wait for the right time to come 🙂

  6. Leena S. says:

    i live alone and roam around the house the whole day in my pyjamas, its quite boring, trust me. i would have loved it if i could live with my in-laws…obviously if my husband was here

  7. д§mд says:

    it may sound nice after getting married to just have a place of your own but I’d have to agree with humna here … a few years living with in-laws would not only straighten your finances but also u’ll get to know each other well. Family ways wise too. See if you can get a job … would make things easier 🙂

  8. Doe-eyed Brunette says:


    I’m sorry but whatever you do….just dont go ahead and have a baby yet:P

  9. farooqk says:


    wait till its your turn! 😛

  10. Doe-eyed Brunette says:

    I know, thats why I’m giving out a friendly advice:P

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