16. 16!!! Six-F’in- teen!!!!!

Expect me to blog a lot in the following…let me count…16 (!!) days. I’m officially on leave now- my Zamzama days are over- for the time being. Haye how I miss them already… though honestly if I continued working there I’d be hopelessly bankrupt regardless of my salary. Butler’s Chocolate Café will be opening three galis down shortly, I’ve already adopted it as my new home. S. will have to visit me there whenever he feels he needs my company. Not that he will. Once he starts living with me I’m sure he’ll prefer things the way they were ages ago (read: before we were married).

I haven’t been doing much. Driving myself crazy watching all the wrong kind of movies. Ah…do not misunderstand mon amises! It is not the genre that is questionable in my choice of films, it’s the content. Let me give you examples:

V for Vendetta

The Shawshank Redemption

The Motorcycle Diaries

In the name of the Father

Fight Club

Tell me not, in mournful numbers, that you do not see the connection between above stated movies and Hira’s loss of sanity?


The underlying theme of all these films is man’s inextinguishable need to be free.

imgthe-shawshank-redemption2 Noticed how it’s always ALWAYS raining when people escape from prison?

And here I am getting married. It seems only man has the inextinguishable need to be free, women are born slaves.

Hrrumph. We’ll see about that.

Ugh. Whatever. It’s actually not my fault but my brother’s. If he kept chick-friendly movies like, I dunno, I don’t watch sugary sweet movies, on his laptop, my life would be happier.

If anybody is still reading my blog I’d like suggestions. What do I watch that will make me pro hitching up, getting married, staying married and all that crap? And not give me diabetes either?

Oh by the way, check out this crazy funny video I found after going through another crazy funny video suggested to me by my cousin. I’m putting both up.

Charlie the Unicorn

Llamas with Hats (this is the one Farya suggested)

Also look for Dr. Horrible’s sing along blog.

The whole video’s on hulu; sadly that’s not available for you non-amreekis (obnoxious snicker*) and us, non amreeka- rihaishis (kicks dirt dejectedly*), but you can find all its 6 parts on youtube. Only 42 minutes long, but totally worth it.
And don’t say you have better things to do. If you’re on my blog that proves you have no life. Go do something worthwhile and look up Dr. Horrible (who is just too cute for words).


23 Responses to “16. 16!!! Six-F’in- teen!!!!!”
  1. Tazeen says:

    Dr Horrible is a babe … like totally

  2. Hira S. says:

    So is Captain Hammer. Such heart candy is the sing along blog.

  3. PD says:

    In a couple of years, why do i feel ill be blogging the same way?

    :S its kinda inevitable isnt it?

    InshaAllah khayr, all the best.

  4. Hira S. says:

    is nobody watching the videos?? they’re actually funny people!!

  5. Hira S. says:

    and i think i look like charlie the unicorn :S

  6. Minerva says:

    I watched Revolutionary Road and The Wrestler in the few days of the faraghat before the wedding. Imagine that!

    Watch The Proposal. Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds. Wasn’t bad at all for a chic flick, really.

  7. Senilius says:

    Watch Crank I & II, 30 Days of Night, Sweeney Todd, Sleepy Hollow, Watchmen, Lucky Number Slevin, Hell Ride etc. 😛 (I hope you’re above 18. 😛 )

    Okay, if you want to watch really good movies, go for Sleepy Hollow and Lucky Number Slevin, if you haven’t already. 😛

    And the videos are freakishly GAY. I don’t think I can bear the name Charlie anymore, my ears hurt! 😛

  8. Leena S. says:

    suggest a few good movies to me too….i watched angelina jolie’s wanted last night, wasnt bad but i need to watch something more meaningful i guess

  9. Minerva says:

    Watch Away We Go.

  10. Absar says:

    Try “Angel A”. Though that’s the kind of movie you’ll have to read – French with English subtitles. Or ooh ooh, try the Before Sunrise/Before Sunset movies. Brilliant movies, both of them! Julie Delpi was very… averagely cute, especially in the first one. Oh, and did I tell you I have the hots for the averagely cute types? 😛

    Anyway, definitely the pre-marriage marination stuff, do watch 😛

  11. Bush says:

    Charlie the Unicorn gives me the utmost creeps. :O

  12. Senilius says:

    Absar – What the heck were you watching those movies for? 😮

  13. shehryar says:

    pretty much anything by julia roberts, drew barrymore, or renee zellweger! 😀

    notting hill
    runaway bride
    never been kissed
    bridget jones’ diary
    confessions of a shopaholic

  14. shiny says:


  15. Adesi says:

    V for Vendetta

    The Shawshank Redemption

    are wrong kinds ?? :O

  16. adeel says:

    It is sad to see you put Shawshank Redemption in that list when the whole movie actually revolves around showing a ray of hope to the ‘downtrodden’ (!).

    Similarly, Fight Club is supposed to raise your average Joe’s (or Joanne’s) level of awareness about the material world that ensconces him.

    But I will not fight you over the rest of the list, mainly because I’m not that religious about movies anymore. Also, these were the only two that I have seen.

    As for recommendations, give Tarantino a shot… specifically (in descending order of degree of recommendation): Pulp fiction, Inglorious basterds, Kill Bill (Vol 1 & 2).

  17. adeel says:

    One more thing, has anyone reading this thread seen the Punjabi film ‘Silent Waters’ (خاموش پانی)? I’m a bit curious about it’s penetration in our web-enabled/blogging segment of society.

    I have. And I think it is quite brilliant. Especially the quality of acting. Although, a few friends disagree with the content.

    I only saw it last year myself. But anyway pirate download it today, if you can’t find it in market.

    imdb link: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0357283/

  18. Hira S. says:

    tch. nobody actually pays attention to what i write.

    I’m not slamming the movies. Personally, i loved all of em, except maybe V for Vendetta which i felt was too melodramatic for my taste. Plus Natalie Portman has never been one of my favorite actresses and the lesbian storyline, though touching, was a distraction. Khaer whatever…
    Point being, this is the wrong time for me to be watching this kind of movie. I need chick flicky sugary goodness…not deep, meaningful cinema.

    And thanks Adeel, but I’ve already watched all of Tarantino including his directed segment in Four Rooms, From dusk til dawn, Natural born killers (not his, i know, but the screenplay was an adapted tarantino script), and True Romance. Also read all his scripts, and written a dissertation on him.

    Watched the proposal. Sorry but Sandra Bullock makes me gag. Was torture seeing the cuteness that is Ryan Reynolds being stuck with her. Away we go is on download! Zanks!

    I am confused. Can no man comprehend english sentences other than Shehryaar?? And Absar, but he doesn’t count 😛
    CHICK FLICK!!! I want to see a CHICK FLICK! Can you explain to me HOW Sweeney Todd classifies? Even Johnny Depp looks ugly in that one.

    And 11 now Shiny. sigh.

  19. Minerva says:

    Silent Waters was a great flick, Adeel. Not Hira’s taste right now but great nonetheless. I remember blogging about it too.

    And ehem, Hira. What about all this business about “Expect me to blog a lot in the following…let me count…16 (!!) days. I’m officially on leave now- ” … ?


    *kills you*

  20. Minerva says:

    And I really liked SB in The Proposal!

  21. adeel says:

    Reading with my glasses on, I can actually see that you are completely right about my wrong assessment. My bad.

    Clearly, you have a deeper understanding of Tarantino. I’m taking notes.

    >Sorry but Sandra Bullock makes me gag.

    I’m pretty sure you have seen Just Like Heaven? (my chick flick list is obviously pretty dated). But give ‘Spirited Away’ a chance, it’s not a chick flick, rather a sweeping Japanese animated feature, and is highly recommended (^_^).

    Good to hear someone reciprocate my feelings over Silent Waters. I will definitely check out your blog.

  22. Minerva says:

    Watch the Ugly Truth!

  23. Senilius says:

    Okay, chick flick’s not really my department you know. Maybe Safi can help. 😀

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