“This is Hira Saiyed. She’s getting married next month”

“Oh my god! Really?! How does it feel?”

I don’t know how to answer this question. “I’m f-ing petrified” isn’t going to make this conversation any easier. And she won’t really put me on the stand and demand the truth- regardless of how incapable of handling it she is, or I am.

Why do people insist on asking these questions? It’s not like they’re in the least interested in how I feel. Just say ‘Congratulations” and talk about the weather; I won’t think any less of you. To be honest, I won’t think of you at all. I’ve got a lot more going on.

Like getting married.

What can I compare getting married to?

Leaving the country?

Starting a new job?

Growing an extra arm?

All of them?

I want to go to sleep and wake up on November 7th. All of this will be over then. Somebody can sleepwalk me through my wedding- I’ll find out what happened when the pictures come.

Which reminds me Farooq- where are the pictures of Leena’s wedding?

4 Responses to “33”
  1. Minerva says:

    I want to go to sleep and wake up on November 7th

    Knew how that felt like!

  2. says:

    Apparently, he didnt take a camera along with him 😛

  3. Hira S. says:

    Today the waterworks officially began. I think this is how the entire month’ll pass.

    and yeah- if i had KNOWN he wouldn’t bring a camera i’d have brought one myself.

  4. Sophi says:

    Hey congratulations Hira. How’s weather over there? 🙂

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