What a lovely job I have. My boss pays me to sit in the air-conditioning and watch TV. I do occasionally have to draw something or the other, but that takes up around 1/18th of my time. Today I came late and left early, and she didn’t even notice. What a darling she is. Absolute saint. If she wasn’t still alive I’d ask the Pope to canonize her.

Can non-Catholics be canonized? What does it take to be a saint?

I haven’t felt happy in ages. I haven’t felt alive in ages.

I think it’s Ramadan. Getting up in the morning (and in this case before dawn!) has never been my thing. I rarely miss Fajar but honestly on the Day of Judgement Allah’s probably going to play a recording of all my dua’s at that hour and ask what language they’re in; He’ll probably ask me to do a breath test too.

So anyway, even though my mum and my boss are kind enough to let me sleep in til 10 a.m, that still means I have 3 hours of sleep to make up for. My body’s compromised a bit with the situation; so  even though I’m physically alive at ten, my mind  wakes up at my usual time of 12:30. I reach work, turn on the tv, plop myself down on the divan and zone out. If Saria (my boss) would just provide me with a coffee machine, I’d start paying her to keep me employed :D.

Yet even though my job’s great, and my family’s not acting as whacked out as it  normally does, and S. isn’t being the exhausting (if adorable ) drama queen he is, I just can’t bring myself to be the cheerfully miserable girl you all know and love.

Maybe I should go back to my original plan. The infallible recipe for being high- without the drugs!

crazy kitty

The quantity of kopikos varies from person to person. I usually take around 15 of the candies to put myself in the zen+ecstasy frame of mind.  You’ll probably get there in 5.

22 Responses to “46”
  1. shiny says:


  2. farooqk says:

    oh, i so used to love kopiko as a kid.

    And they prolly dont make you work cause they realize as soon after they hired you thatd youd ruin any work they gave to you! 😀

    Either that or its actually just a social experiment or something, and youre the lab rat! 😛

  3. Minerva says:

    Good to see you happy. : )

  4. Tazeen says:


    I think I have fallen in love with your boss, can I come and work with you guys, please please, pretty please ….

  5. Leena S says:

    Allah sab ko aise boss dey
    Ameen 😀

  6. Saadat says:

    How many Kopiko candies did it take to make that cat go OMG! ?

  7. Hira S. says:

    Jealous farooq..?
    Haw. I’m a kick ass designer. you should see my work. It’s crazy cool.

    and yeah shiny, it’s actually a lot of fun! :D. Who wouldn’t enjoy tv and a nap at 2?

    Thanks Mahw. It feels good to be happy too.

    Tazeen and Leena.
    Sorry. I’m not sharing my boss with anyone. Go get your own.

    I dunno. Is this a trick question like ‘how many insurance salesmen does it take to screw a lightbulb?’

  8. Anas Imtiaz says:

    and why did u remove an utterly entertaining post ’42’? I read it on my Google Reader, which is nice enough to preserve even the deleted ones 😀

  9. shiny says:

    we’d like to see your work!

  10. shiny says:

    ok i just saw you left a line of that kitten picture when you selected and tilted it.

  11. Phoolan Devi says:

    Utterly entertaining? Another love post? I would like to see this.

  12. Hira S. says:

    Haha! After i wrote 42 i felt so guilty i couldn’t sleep. I mean, not everybody would get that i prefer S being on the Shrek side of the Prince Charming scale.
    And plus, Malinga ( a regular reader of my blog) found it offensive.
    Go figure.

    He he. You noticed? My photoshop skills SUCK. I’ve always been a pen and paper person really (added to the fact that computers die when i come near them :S)

    Ok. i just don’t like you. I tried, but i can’t bring myself to. Sorry.

  13. pinkkay says:

    oh i missed it, the 42 one 😦 i guess you managed to offend Malinga with that Sangakara reference.only a guess 😉

  14. Phoolan Devi says:

    So it was a love post!!!!!!! You have to give me some credit there.

    You think I am offending you? Funny, that malinga thought the same about you. maybe he felt bad about shrek.

  15. farooqk says:

    instead of adding posts youre deleting them! :O

  16. Minerva says:

    You deleted a post without me reading it!?!?!?!?!?!?!


  17. Anas Imtiaz says:

    iss liye kehte hein koi acha RSS reader use karein…so that even if the author deletes the post after publishing, it gets saved 😛

  18. shiny says:

    so anas…..do us the favour. post it here, since youre the only one that has it 😛
    naw im kidding.

  19. Musab says:

    The much-missed 42 needs to return, thankfully I have it on my Google Reader too….

    Anyhoo, in other news, you’ve been tagged…


  20. Minerva says:

    Leh. Ab main kia karoon if I don’t have an RSS reader!

  21. Usama Lali says:

    Methinks you’re very lucky cuz I am experiencing the quite opposite experience nowadays…

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