Not part of the Countdown. Or it is. Whatever.

Don’t you

Forget about me.

Don’t, don’t don’t don’t…

John Hughes is dead, by the way. Sigh, there ends another chapter in my life.

So I’ve rediscovered the 80’s. Again. I have little clue  as to what’s new in all things music since not having cable does limit one’s knowledge of the world (you can’t watch VH1 through the newspapers :()

Random question- is VH1 still a channel? And does it still show videos?

Was watching MTv recently with my cousins. Sometime after an hour I couldn’t help asking them when the actual music would come. Turns out Mtv America doesn’t show music anymore. Haw. I love Americans. Their music channels don’t show music and they still use only toilet paper.

Anyway, watched three shows. One was about uber-rich black people showing off their homes- Mtv Cribs. I mean, what the hell? Why’re they always complaining about lack of equal rights? All they have to do is mumble sing monosyllabically on boom-boom-boom kind of music and surround themselves with scantily clad women and they’re stars. White people actually have to do things; like study,  and attend college, and become lawyers. And even they can’t manage the hard stuff though, like medicine and engineering; they leave those to the browns. And the chiptay.

By the time I actually marry S. he’ll have turned me into a racist.

Anywho, after that came Mtv True Life. This involved the story of three women who are in debt. Badly in debt. And I’ll tell you why. One of them- she’s 21- loses her job. Worried about how she can afford nice clothes and tanning, she goes and gets herself…wait for it…a credit card. Then she goes and gets another. And another. Now she’s all sad about being unemployed, so to make herself feel better she starts shopping; and charges everything.

Then around 3 months later the bills start coming in.

“Wait I have to pay for those things? What were the credit cards for then?”

Turns out, this brilliant specimen of the Average American has spent $20,000 that she doesn’t have on clothes, shoes and tanning which she doesn’t need (not to sound like a bitch, but she should have spent it on a gym membership instead) and must somehow pay for the $20000 worth of bills, which she can’t afford, that are now flooding her mailbox.

And you wonder why the recession came.

There were two other equally bizarre stories about the inadequacy of some people’s intellect (which were just as cheaply enjoyable) but I couldn’t help wondering what kind of person would allow themselves to appear on a show like this? Who in God’s name would  want their dirty underwear out in the open for the entire world to see? One must have exceedingly low self respect.

Wait- why am I stating the obvious?

Back to back; one show about hyper-wealthy people who have so much money they don’t know what to do with it; the other about people who have so little,  their bank balance is in negatives…

What do they have in common?

Well, the people in both shows drive big cars. Make what you want of this.

Hail capitalism.

PS:  Ok- I admit,  it is shit funny and a bit thought provoking but I must reiterate my question- why is this on a channel called Music television?

9 Responses to “Not part of the Countdown. Or it is. Whatever.”
  1. Yeah, MTV sucks! Thats why I stick to the good decades… the 60’s the 70’s and a lil bit of the 80’s, after all it is my decade! I hate the 90’s and the 00’s, as far as the music is concerned… Ok grunge was and NWOAHM was slightly bearable but post grunge and post post grunge suck big time! I have two postulates for music…

    Brits make the best stuff, and music started dying when 70’s ended and definitely after the 80’s. Ahhhh! nobody makes real music anymore!

  2. Minerva says:

    VH1 is still a channel. We get it here and it mostly sucks.

    Have you ever seen “Keeping up with the Kardashians” on E! … ? It’s probably the most insane show I’ve ever seen. Then there was this other show on E! called “Girls of the Playboy Mansion” starring Hugh Hefner himself. And I just couldn’t understand what was happening to television. Silicon and swimming pools … and that’s it? That’s HIT, to rub it in?

    I seriously fail to understand what’s happening to television. There are only a few good things left to watch on TV and even THEY are going out of fashion.

  3. Musab says:

    MTV stopped being MTV somewhere in the ’90s. Now it just shows stuff only a 16 year old wigger would watch. I would give the telly these days a miss if I were you, unless you want your eyes to bleed. Unless it’s House of course….

  4. Hira S. says:

    True, Minerva and Musab. Television’s gone to the dogs. Though cartoons on the Disney channel still retain some charm :D.
    Sadly I’ve lost the attention span to read. Have started Tristram Shandy for a month now and am still on pg 120. I should drown in a teaspoon of vinegar.

  5. Hira S. says:

    People in the 2050’s will be crying about how the 00’s were the end of good music.
    Time works on rewind.

  6. Musab says:

    It can be a slow read. My favorite chapter, by the way, is Volume 2, chap CLXXVI…..

  7. Are you kidding? Sure they could miss the “music (not) videos of the oo’s but not the music…. There is no such thing as music! Ok what I really dont get are the names of some of the outfits that are coming out these days…. Sure there were some wacky names in the sixties like Jeferson Airplane or ZZ Top or Deep Purple, but they had good music to back it up! And I do mean good music, as in it had a semblance of structure and a slight sense (unless you take All Along the Watchtower, even though its one of my favorite songs), a rhythm and a tune, then there was some very skilled solo by one of the ‘musicians’ to give that ‘personal’ touch….

    Now? you dont get a tune, a rhythm, a sense or a message (unless heartbreak for no reason at all makes sense), and absolutely no solos! Its not music at all…. its crap! Heck even the boss sings crap now… thats how far gone the world is in terms of music!

  8. Absar says:

    Hehe, you should have a listen to Michael Johns’ cover of that song!

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