Various things have happened. None of them in the least interesting, but that’s never stopped me from writing about them before. Firstly, where I couldn’t find a single job, now I have two. Allah jab bhi deta he chappar phaar ke deta he. Chappar, patloon, chaata…in my case God doesn’t rain, He pours. Haye, how I love Him.
Both jobs are part-time, both are design-related (thank Heavens, I’ve been having nightmares of ending up as a *gasp* merchandiser) both seem exceedingly fun; one has a plus point of being in Zamzama- coffee and pastry galore *joy joy joy*, the other has this really cute guy…really cute. Such a gentleman, he helped me carry my portfolio out, and the most adorable laugh…
So what if he’s my boss?
And so what if I’m not single anymore?
Has that ever stopped anyone?

Am I the only person in this part of the world (regardless of her claims I doubt anybody in Lithuania has heard of her) who feels remotely sorry for Meera?
Am I the only one who thinks the way the media is treating her is disgusting, to say the least?
S. has been following the Meera scandal for some obscure reason. He finds it hilariously funny and because I don’t have cable, recounts every new episode of ‘Meera marries some dude’ in fresh, invigorating detail. As a bonus, he does a crazy cute impersonation of Sohail Warraich.
So anyway, he told me to check out Meera’s latest interview to the press and because he’s S. and I’m bored, I actually do. Seen it? Duh, you have. It’s all Geo’s talking about.
With the electricity crises, rising prices, Obama’s healthcare reform mission attacked by crazy white pointy mask wearing republicans, and other strange things in the air, Geo still focuses on Meera and her husband (?).

Tell me, when she asked for the cameras to be turned off, she wasn’t speaking in her famed unintelligible English- so why didn’t that jackass understand her?
What right does Geo have to show that footage?
And what right do they have to judge her?

If you’re in the Pakistani film industry, chances are you didn’t come from the best of backgrounds. Chances are you didn’t get an english medium education, or a sound upbringing full of little ethical tidbits stuffed with love and affection; chances are- and I’m not spitballing here- that you might not even know who your father is. I googled Meera- there’s nothing on the internet that suggests she existed before her first movie.
Google a relatively little known Indian actress like Dia Mirza and you’ll get her father’s name, her schooling, her first modeling stint and commercial. She exists, Meera doesn’t. Irtiza Rabab is nobody.
Irtiza Rabab has nothing going for her except her looks and a desire to be somebody, regardless of how she does it. So yes, she’s a film actress, yes, maybe she doesn’t speak English fluently, or have the smartest head on her shoulders- but you don’t treat a human, any human, like the piece of shit that Geo is treating her as.

So yes, that’s their job. But when somebody asks you to turn the camera off, you do it. Even if she takes off her shirt and starts dancing, you have no right to show that on public television because it is a breach of that person’s privacy. What is off air is off air.

You should know that shouldn’t you? Don’t you have background?

14 Responses to “54”
  1. Minerva says:

    Uff, I posted a long comment and then net gave out…

    Anyway, I’ll write the gist of it again.

    Firstly I feel sorry for the chick. I agree she has no brains but the way she was pleading to that mooncharr fellow about ‘Dekhen main single larki hoon, meri property kidher jayegee’ was just pathetic. I wish Geo hadn’t shown that.

    Secondly I agree with you on wtf is Geo doing showing all this crap when there are REAL problems this country is facing? There should be a different Geo channel for all this masala news. They should call it Geo Masala (like they have E!) and leave serious news alone. Here we’ve got brand new IDPs flooding into other cities, powerless cities and industries, unemployment and a war going on in Kurram Agency as we speak and what we care about is what Ateequrrehman-nobody wrote in his nikah to an actress no one gives a shit about.

    Ullu ke pathay.

  2. pinkkay says:

    LOL@the cute boss…do you ppl have any branch in Islamabad?

    yeah i never even imagined that i will feel sorry for her….over here being a woman is hard enough, add a less than respectable profession in the equation and a tragedy would ensue

  3. farooqk says:

    we’re a sick breed of ppl, infact all humans are sick. We love feeding on other ppl’s misery. There is supply where there is demand.

  4. beyond says:

    i agree with you totally.why is it important that she got married or not?why are they targeting her?

  5. Sara says:

    i guess im the only one thinking this is all made up by her for attention. notice the way she ‘begs’. doesnt seem natural to me. whatever it is, i agree, the way geo newscasters commented on it after showing the clip and the way they are publicising it is disgusting.

  6. Argh! Not here too??? First facebook goes to hell now the blogsphere! Comon people! Break it up! Nothing to discuss here!

  7. Hira S. says:

    It’s sad, and pathetic, but that’s the sort of person i expect her to be. Can you imagine anybody in a more desperate position than meera? No credibility, not much of a future, no respect in society, and this to make things worse. I find her tragic and more to be pitied than censured.

    nope, no isloo branch but honestly yaar, what right do you punjab-residing people have to complain? everybody around you is like frickn gorgeous (yeh alag baat that all you can do is look at them, they’re not fit for anything else :S). Ask us karachiwalian how difficult it is to find decent looking, respectable guys.

    farooq and beyond
    haha. that sounded funny.
    humans suck.

    you know, she IS an actress- and a bad one. I don’t think she can say or do anything genuine. And i dunno, if she’d plan an attention gimmick i doubt she’d want something this ugly.

    Dude, who’s fighting?

  8. Minerva says:

    Yeah Hira. Life gone to waste.

    Jeez. What an epitaph.

  9. Anique says:

    Blog title reminds me of the next GTA expansion: Ballad of tony gay tony

  10. LMNO says:

    Meera is a freakin whore who was selling that man’s possessions and the media has every right to show the acts of these criminals to the public so that they can laugh and make fun of them. I don’t know how many men she’s been with b4 and after him. And abt that fcukkking google thing. If your life b4 being famous doesn’t come on the internet it doesn’t mean u were poor and miserable. Hell, not even my biography come on the stupid internet and i’m not poor and miserable. The real reason is that meera whored b4 and after being famous and, thus, cant tell abt it. She showed every freaking body part she could to come to this stage and thats why no one cared about her stupid and possibly scandalous past.

  11. Hira S. says:

    same gravatar on both comments. Anique, or LMNO, why’d you use two different names?

    If they didn’t care about her stupid and scandalous part then, why care now?

    And you know, if you’re commenting on someone’s blog, you can try being a little civil.

  12. pinkkay says:

    Oye, what exactly are we unfit for?! 😈

  13. H says:

    All we can do is not show interest. and the whole thing will die down..

    Hira, yes you are.. becoming a racist that is 😛

  14. Hira S. says:

    he he.
    What i’m scared of is S. turning me into a sexist too.

    Whoops. Foot in my mouth again…:(

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