All things happen for the best in this best of all possible worlds. Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz

We worship Allah on the basis of His perfection. He is God, the One and Only, Absolute and Entire. We worship Him on the basis that He never makes mistakes. That He created humans exactly as He wanted them to be. That He wanted us to be flawed; He wanted us to be vulnerable to sin. So then, the obvious next deduction would be that Allah also created Sin (or Satan) because He cannot make mistakes. The very next conclusion would be that all that is going wrong is because Allah wants it to go wrong. It’s not a mistake, it’s His plan.

Could it be that Allah created this world for His entertainment? A giant reality show which He already knows the answer to? Could it be possible, maybe, that Allah created this world because He was bored?

Forgive me Allah, but it was You who gave me the right to question.

22 Responses to “Candide?”
  1. kazimalam says:

    Are you a creationist?

  2. Usama Lali says:

    You’re very thoughtful and inquisitive indeed…

  3. Minerva says:

    It very well could be one of his ideas for comedia d’ellarte. For all we know, we might just all be pawns in his giant chessboard against Himself.

    And I guess we’ll never really find out, will we?

  4. Ali Hasan says:

    freewill is essential to the concept. God made us all, gave us the tools with which to live and told us all to live our lives exactly as we see fit. He will not intervene.

    there is no flaw as such, as well. freewill allows negativity and something thats inherent to the whole can’t really be considered a flaw can it? if you make a car that travels on a road, that car will be affected by the road it travels on. that can hardly be a flaw. its just the way things are.

    He hasnt ‘planned’ anything. Plans are things to be carried out in the future. if we are to think of an entity like God, time can not have any meaning. He knows because he can see the future and the past and the present. essentially what Dr.Manhattan could do.

    also, entertainment, humour, experimentation; these are all human constructs and concepts. you can’t really apply them to a God scenario.

    iss tarah tu tum ye poochho k kainaat ki hi kya maqsad? tumne banayi hoti tu tumhe pata hota.

  5. Hira S. says:

    yup. i find it a lot more logical that the world was created purposefully as opposed to the theory that the world was an accident. I’m open though. If anybody could convince me otherwise I’d accept it.

    You betcha kiddo.

    You see, that’s the thing. We can’t ever be sure. Assuming He doesn’t exist and I’m just going to be wormfood, or assuming He does and doesn’t like my lack of belief, in either case I’m screwed.

  6. Hira S. says:

    I could accept the concept of freewill if Islam didn’t hold such a high place for Taqdeer or Fate.

  7. Ali Hasan says:

    from wikipedia on Qadar:

    Human beings are given free will, and it must be made clear that destiny does not have a cause-and-effect influence of the choices humans make. The choices that humans make are all within Allah’s knowledge.

  8. Philosopher says:

    “Could it be that Allah created this world for His entertainment? A giant reality show which He already knows the answer to? Could it be possible, maybe, that Allah created this world because He was bored?”

    Who cares? You only need to know and believe that He is omnipotent and listening and watching and He knows what you carry within your hearts. You have to do as he says and abstain from what he forbids you to do.

    “it was You who gave me the right to question”

    No he didn’t. He gave us knowledge and desires, both. “Right to question” is simply a desire to know more than you ought to.

  9. Ali Hasan says:

    There is nothing that we are not supposed to know. There is nothing wrong with questioning. Sure it fosters doubt, but once the questions have been answered, it also solidifies belief.

  10. Minerva says:

    Your post is attracting a lot of idiotic comments, I notice.

    First of all the right to question IS given by God. By default, actually, since He gave you intelligence.

    Secondly, free will has little to do with the post you wrote, Hira. What I figure is the point of the post is GOD’S reason to create mankind – not his reason to create free-will. BIG difference.

  11. kazimalam says:

    Interestingly, none of our probing minds here has asked the most basic question: does God exist?

  12. Ali Hasan says:

    Idiot that I may be, Minerva; if Hira says that God planned thing to happen the way they did, my statement that humans make any plan irrelevant since freewill throws that all in the trash seems pretty relevant. Wrong, maybe. But relevant. Being an idiot, I can’t be sure though.

  13. Minerva says:

    Wow. Stepped on a toe there. People take being called an idiot pretty serious. lol.

    No offense meant, Ali, but I really didn’t feel Hira was intending to spark a free-will debate. I think the question was more aimed at the WHY of GOD, the purpose of existence, the creation-debate and not a very ontological one at that.

    Good comeback though. Made me laugh. Seriously.

  14. Ummi says:


    “Could it be that Allah created this world for His entertainment?”

    There is a hadith Qudsi which is actually a reply of Allah to David(AS) when He asked the reason of the creation of the universe. Partial arabic and translation of reponse is given below.

    كنت كنزا مخفيا فأحببت أن أعرف فخلقت الخلق لكي أعرف

    “I was a Treasure unknown then I desired to be known so I created a
    creation to which I made Myself known; then they knew Me.”

    Why were we created? Allah says in Quran

    “I created the
    Jinns and humankind only that they may worship Me”(51:56)

    And by the way worship does not mean 24 hours Namaz etc. It’s more than that and Islam has clearly explained how every action of a humn could be rated as a form of prayer in sight of Allah.

    Allah can’t get bored nor he can sleep. It’s true most of human attributes are actually subset of Allah’s attributes but there are some “reserve” attributes which the creator did not transfer in us.

    Rest, Allah knows the best.

  15. actually he didnt give us the right to that question!

    cuz that is just the satan’s whisper 🙂

  16. Haahahaha! So we are philosophers now?

  17. And since when did you start blogging?

  18. Ok I just vommited in my mouth and drank it back in, for no apparent reason, I m going to go wash my mouth now…

  19. Maybe it was just too much caffeine for me,

  20. And that too at 3 o’clock at night!

  21. By the way you clock on the comments is set on GMT! Why?

  22. Minerva says:

    He’s finally lost it.

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