Justifying pretty

I’m finding it hard to defend the liberal and fine arts. Arguments like “Humans were given a soul AS WELL as a body and mind,” and “the world needs more beauty and love” seem so Lennon they can’t be taken seriously; and to be honest, that’s the only argument for the USE of design I have. What use are designers, Hira? Well…they make things pretty.

Any other purpose?

Isn’t pretty enough?

You can’t explain why you didn’t become a doctor, engineer, or finance person (what else do you call them?) especially if you had the capability. You can’t say it would kill your soul when it would, most likely, help feed your body. The world needs doctors, engineers, and (maybe) finance people…I doubt it’d stop functioning if artists, poets, writers, and philosophers disappeared. It’d function extremely well if lawyers did.

The world would keep spinning on its black and white legal papered, number filled axis as everyone would focus on getting older with stronger limbs, curing cancer, building bridges, making money, saving money, finding ways to transport money without ever having to see it, and just getting on with their lives.

Except that the majority of people in this world do that anyway. And then when they’re sick of their grey cubicles or white halls and figure and stat filled files and folders, they take out their blue or green iPods and open their murder mysteries, or Mills & Boons or just some random blog of some extremely random person and forget they have a grey cubicle and figures and stats filled work-files to get back to.

So how do I explain to you, Oh Finance Whiz, that the world collectively might need doctors, engineers, and you finance and business people; but the world WANTS us designers, artists, musicians and philosophers? We color your functionality- based structures, we show you how to be beautiful, we teach you to stand out, and most importantly, we make you appreciate the world, and life, and love and simply being human.

The world and society needs you, baby, but you need us.

And nobody, nobody, needs lawyers.

3 Responses to “Justifying pretty”
  1. Humna says:

    i love your blog/wordpress/jo-bhi, hiraness.

  2. Aarushi says:

    lol, good post, isn’t the main difference between man and animal is the capacity to appreciate beauty?

  3. Minerva says:

    Well, let’s say you got sued for painting something a color other than required for.. you’d need a lawyer THEN na? 😛

    Kidding. Itni frustrated kioon ho? Countdown shuru kardo.

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