To tell or not to tell Triple S

I have been eating insanely since this morning. There is now no longer a Dunkin Donuts box filled with Boston Cremes on my dining table, and little trace remains of the chocolate mousse cake my mother in law brought with her when she delivered the jora. I am fast becoming a hog- bichara Triple S .

That’s my new name for him. Triple S. Although I have no issue with maintaining un-anonymity for myself, I doubt he’d like random insane googlers to type his name and come up with my blog where I’ve put up various random dumb things about me, him, our families etc along with my opinions. What would the muashira say? “Triple S, your fiancée is a psycho?” or worse… “Hey Triple S…I know what your fiancée was thinking/ doing/ ranting about a few days ago…” True, it’d be harmless but when someone goes up to you and says something like that in an insinuating voice obviously you assume the worst. Especially if you’re male. Or female. Or both.

No, I can’t risk it. No one shall know his real name. No one. Bwa ha ha.

Except the people I’ve already told. Ek tau mera munh band nahi hota 😦

You know I could fix the problem if I just told him about my blog- it’s not like he doesn’t know I have one. If he was one of those insane googlers he’d have found it by now himself. But I doubt he is or he’d have let some incriminating bit of detail slip just to show me he knew. That’s what I would have done. And then laughed when he fumbled around for an explanation. And after that I’d say “Arey, you have a blog? I just guessed that [embarrassing fact] about you because I’m psychic.” And then he’d never stray from the straight and narrow because he’d be afraid I’d find out clairvoyantly.

BUT if I did tell him about my blog he’d probably live on it. Read all my previous posts…find out what an emotional train wreck I am…laugh at my childishness and naivete…maybe even (gasp*) pick fights with me on my very own blog…the horror! Or pick fights with people who visit my blog. If he was the insane googler plus Glenn Close type he might even find out where they live and set their houses on fire.

No, I can’t risk telling him about my blog either.

After much deliberation  I’ve come to the following conclusion:

It must suck to have a fiancée like me 😀

15 Responses to “To tell or not to tell Triple S”
  1. Ali Hasan says:

    he sounds like the wrestler, triple H.

  2. Anas Imtiaz says:

    lol…at first i thought that googling ur name may bring up ur doesn’t…so he can’t find u (damn!)…i wanna know what Triple S stands for!

  3. Absar says:

    I can’t wait to read what Farooq has to say about this 😛

  4. minerva says:

    lol.. congrats larki.

    and it’s not that bad.. to have your fiance read yr blog. 🙂

  5. Leena says:

    Dont tell him about your blog until you are comfortable with him, comfortable in discussing all the weird things (which, trust me, arent weird at all) about you with him….uskey baad set hai 🙂

    And yea, congrats again. the two of you make a very cute couple Masha Allah and i just loved your dress and make up

  6. Hira S. says:

    @ Ali
    yeah- that’s why i kept it 😀

    maybe you typed the spelling wrong. Wese let me try it. Haan- it does open! Have you taken your glasses off?

    i can. wait, i mean. last thing i want, other than s.s.s to read my blog is farooq to read it.

    it’s not? wese i was thinking about telling him, but i’ll wait til i know him better, like leena said. and thanks. i’m trying to upload pics par internet shadeedly manhoos hua wa he

    Thanks!!! did i tell you what happened at the make up girls house? Uff- such a screw up you cant believe

  7. Leena S. says:

    no u didnt…update kero mujhey jaldi 😀 and i need some suggestions from you

  8. MAK says:

    lady don’t u make issue out of nothing…come on

  9. Sajjad says:

    Smart decision. Blogs CANNOT be shared with spouses. If they are then something else needs to be created which allows us to retain our sense of individuality, and trust me a blog is the safest, sanest option.
    On a side note, we always knew you were sharp as a samurai sword, smarter than a room full of genius mutant monkeys with a sense of humor to kill for but holly hell, you’re also gorgeous! Triple S is one lucky dood.

  10. Hira S says:

    thanks sajjad- but it was all make up. really. people who’ve seen me grudgingly and out of sheer fear of me going Godzilla on them, call me “cute” 😀

    and MAK- this post was purely filler. i can’t always be political or social, you know.

  11. Rashid says:

    I assume you are a Sindhi and would be marrying with some Sindhi guy. He would be a Syed like you so most probably SSS means:

    Syed Shah/Samejo.


    as far as telling your spouse about blogging, I will say to keep it secret. Agar woh Stalker ban gya tu? 😛

    kabhi kabhi ham mard auraton sey zyda shakki hojatey hain 🙂

  12. Rashid says:

    oops. it ate the brackets.

    Syed Shah/Samejo should be read as:

    Syed[any name starts with S] Shah/Samejo. 🙂

  13. lol, I have to agree. You looked gorgeous Hira, MashaAllah, Usually brides and to-be-brides have a whole lot of make up caked on and look awful but you looked beautiful MashAllah. :)))

    Uhmm about telling the blog… I don’t know if I would. Heh. I guess I’d only tell my [hypothetical] fiance after we were comfortable enough to know all the crazy things about each other. Not in the initial stages. But each to their own.

  14. Hira S says:

    err…we’re muhajir rashid. and men are USUALLY a lot more shakki than women.

    and thanks purple, but the make up was a bit caked (at least a lot more than i’ve ever put on :S)

    and yeah- thats what i’m thinking. i should tell him one he officially gets used to me and my sense of humor.

  15. Rashid says:

    oh sorry Hira.

    “men are USUALLY a lot more shakki than women. ”

    OK OK. kia yaad karo gi. I agree with you for a while and it’s only because we all are happy on your engagement 🙂

    so when are you getting married?

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