Stuff. And things.

Person I do not want to become:

1) The sort that has nothing to talk about other than her mangni and fiancé

2) The sort that has nothing to talk about other than her thesis and how she’s not working on it.

3) The sort that has nothing to talk about. Period.


I think I’m becoming all three. Though they’re all contradictory.

So I’ve decided today to focus on none of the above. I have other things going on in my life, I’m sure. It’s not humanly possible to have such a one dimensional mind, is it?


Ok, I’m adding another type of person I don’t want to be: the sort that has nothing to talk about other than how she’s gaining weight even when she breathes.


Ooh…I just saw this guy touch his girlfriend’s waist! Gasp! Shock! Taubah taubah!


And THAT is the fifth type of person I never want to be.



I’ve learned much about men since I joined university. They’ve evolved from the streetwise Darcys’ and Ferris’s I and S. used to dream of, and now gradually we’ve come to accept that they are in fact, as horribly flesh and blood as we are. They gossip, like us. They bitch about each other, as do we; their feelings get wounded as easily as ours do; they watch where their rupees are going, unlike our previous belief that men care not about worldly things like money (we were in DHA College for Women- so sue us) and status; and they are as knight in shining Corvette as we are visions of loveliness in dire distress.

Now we’ve begun to realize that guys actually are a lot like girls.


Except when they’re in a horde.


I’ve never seen women in a mob- other than during a sale and even then they act individually. Women hate each other too much to form a mob of any sort. Men on the other hand have a collective soul and when more than five of them get together you realize how ugly that collective soul is. They forget who they’re targeting, they lose all sense of perspective, and all that remains for them is the intense enjoyment that they gain inflicting pain, with the relief that the person they’re inflicting it on is usually too weak to strike back. An individual man might show intense courage but a man in a mob is the biggest coward there is.


Two days ago the boys in my point targeted a first year girl with such disgusting perseverance that I doubt she’ll return to the bus again. Catcalls, whistles, loud perverted jokes; they forgot that the victim of their joint pseudo-comedy routine was a new girl who had no friends on this bus and who (being in first year) could not really say anything back to them.


Thing is, not one of them would have the guts to talk to this girl face to face.


I know. I’ve been on the receiving end. And I assure you, all the apologies in the world, on bended knees, will not get a girl to forgive, much less forget, a single second of humiliation by someone else’ hand.


And that’s why I’m pretty sure that one day they’ll realize what assholes they’ve been. When their daughters come home crying, maybe…When their sons refuse to go to school because of bullies…


Sucks that what goes around comes around on children.




30 Responses to “Stuff. And things.”
  1. minerva says:

    Good post. Good, good, GOOD post.

  2. MAK says:

    Okay i agree to some extent to ur first judgement…guys are like girls in number of ways(those u have mentioned). As for the second phase i think u r generalizing things there…there are some who do this but not all…

    Its natural to worry/talk abt things going on in ur life so i think u won’t be able to avoid them except for the last one because its not abt u.

  3. Rashid says:

    Why did not you help that poor girl? Why did not you come forward and guard her? ab yahan whining ka kia faida? yahan to bara bolti ho…

    I do agree that there are kind of guys who do all the things you have mentioned on your post and I feel ashamed that there are such morons among us.

    “The sort that has nothing to talk about other than her mangni and fiancé”

    hahaha. I do agree but.. Karachiwali bura maan jai gi yeh parh kar 🙂

  4. Usama says:

    Hey hello there,
    Good post as usuall. I’m your blog’s follower and 13 year old cousin of that Blue Boy Musab. Please visit my blog regularly and do comment.
    Cheers 🙂

  5. Thats sick. TOTALLY sick. I don’t think I could ever bear something like that.

    I’ve never been bullied alhamdulilah, but I know how it feels. I know people who’ve commited suicide because they’ve been bullied.

    Alhamdulilah, the laws here are very strict about bullying, especially Guys bullying girls. Report em to the police and they’ll be spending quite sometime in jail and will have a really really hard time getting into any good school.

  6. Ali Hasan says:

    while the statement that all men together are kaminey is too much of a generalization, aise logon ko chhitta parhne chahiyen.

    pakistan sucks iss lihaz se. holier-than-thou is a veil too often hidden behind by the kuttey. hudood ordinance type cheezein aise hi khabeeson ko faida pohnchati hai.

  7. Hira S. says:

    @ rashid
    i did.
    but honestly, if you expect me to mention that in the post then you really should stop looking at people from your level. Some people don’t like to flaunt themselves like you do.

    i know yaar. it’s easier to generalise. i mean, i can’t keep adding ‘some’ in front of ‘men’ all the time. Just add it yourself in your head.
    i know generalisations are bad…but i just do it for emphasis 😀

  8. Hira S. says:

    @ purple

    i wish wish WISH things were like that over here…i’d been bullied a lot in my first year, and i mean a LOT and honestly, though those a-holes all apologised ek ek kar ke but i still haven’t forgiven them. Nothing can ease the pain of being humiliated in front of a lot of people.
    The thing is, it’s probably the easiest way of getting a girl’s attention. I’m guessing it may be a sort of revenge- you know she’ll never go for you, so this is your way of maybe ‘humbling’ her.

    Thats one theory. I really have no clue why (some) guys act the way they do.

  9. Rashid says:

    flaunt and me?duh. If I had been giving my personal life examples here then it does not mean I flaunt!!

    you broke my heart dinky hira 😦

  10. Leena S. says:

    @ Rashid
    why do u have to drag me into every discussion? I come here for Hira, not to know what you think about me so u better just keep it to urself.

    @ Hira’s post
    Loved your post! And yes, all boys are not jerks and not as stupid. Its just that boys are vagabonds, rebels and ‘usually’ dont mature unless they are given a kick in their butts. The boys that you are talking about havent grown up as yet.

  11. Rashid says:

    @Leena: I never dragged you into every discussion. I do mention other girls here as well so please do not feel special. It’s just hira mentioned a point which reminded me some of your comments here. Kion jhoot kaha meyney? 😛 You girls are touchy! I do not mind when you and other little girls here target me and keep firing me with AK47. 🙂

  12. Anas Imtiaz says:

    @above comment: “Kion jhoot kaha meyney?” –> Dude that sounds soo— urghh!! Get a life 🙂

    I’d just say that guys mature a little later than girls probably and the act of bullying in university is infact explainable. Guys dont target girls ONLY – its the same with other guys (joh shareef hote hain). Its fun at times (but surely, must stay within limits)

  13. Dude! Did you forget the whooping we had when we came to PNEC? I ll never forget that… and what hira describes is nothing compared to what we went through? Man those nuts were physically abusive, and socially and morally. I ll never forget that!

  14. absarshah says:

    Saffi, we got nothing at PNEC man! You should’ve seen what my seniors in City did to us guys in A Levels. I had to serenade a girl from second year in the middle of the courtyard! On one knee!!! One knee damnit! And it was a graveled courtyard!

  15. Anas Imtiaz says:

    Absar, I can ‘imagine’ a lot more happening with u 😛 😛

  16. Hira S. says:

    actually absar, you sure that wasn’t your own choice? 😛

  17. Absar says:

    HEY! It’s not like I wanted to sing Twinkle twinkle little star to her!

    Yeah, that’s what I chose to sing – if I was gonna do it, I was gonna have my fun too! 😛

    Aur Anas – apni imagination ko lagaam do! 😛 Waise I did used to be the crazy type back in the A Levels days, so your imagination might very well be true 😉

  18. Absar says:

    Waise yeah – given the choice between that and running around the school screaming “My ass is on fire!”, I wouldve picked singing anyway! 😛

  19. Absar: Yaar I was talking about the stories in BOQs and Annexes!

    Hey did you know I called my ‘hall’ the BOQs (Pronounces ‘Box’ for those who dont know) the other day?! Man that place still give me the creeps! haunts me in my sleep!!!

  20. anas says:

    @safi: u sure u werent taped? ive seen some weird vids from BOQs

  21. Nah man! And I know! Khuhed’s was declared contraband!

  22. Rashid says:

    Alhamdolillah I have a wonderful life Anas. Much better than many people around me.

    come on Anas! You also know what I meant. Ab larkio key samnay bano nahi. 🙂

    Ragging is fun if it’s in limits. Sometimes you find good friends due to such incidents.

  23. I don’t think ragging has any limits in the first place.

    It’s pathetic. Full stop. [And so are those who do it]

  24. Anas Imtiaz says:

    @Rashid: “Ab larkio key samnay bano nahi. ” even this sounds like THAT

    Oh btw..I just noticed on this blog…this theme has something weird…am i the only one to think so?

    if u look down in the left corner there is a very small smiley :S i was actually rubbing my screen thinking of it as some dust speck on my already dirty screen

  25. Rashid says:

    @anas: like what?

    @purple: jab kisi larky kay sath ragging hoti hay tu aksar koi na koi “hero”(the future mamoo of that girl’s kids) larki k help karnay ata hay aur aksar ayse moqou par typical flimi story shuru hojati hay. Dono 2/4 saal aik dosray ko bewaqoof banatay hain aur phir tata bye bye 🙂

  26. Hira S. says:

    i can’t see it anas!

  27. Rashid says:

    hira, look at bottom left of your screen(or top right agar tum screen utla kar k kaam karti ho 😛 )

  28. Hira S. says:

    anas you freak, how in heavens name did you notice something so small?

  29. Anas Imtiaz says:

    LOL! I wear glasses 😛

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