The fat lady sings

A month is over. University started today and I didn’t go.

A few days ago I tried writing a story- which turned out exactly like I expected it would. Me talking to myself, saying nothing important. I never self analyze, I never self retrospect. I believe nobody can know me better than myself and the last thing I try to do is figure out what I am and whether I’m even a person or not. And considering I don’t believe what anyone else says about me, and usually three-quarters of everything I say about me is fairy-tale, what you have is as vague as the reason Benazir married Zardari. But when you’ve lived in continuous self-doubt for around 18 years (give and take), you tend to overdo overconfidence… maybe I’m not as confusing as I think. Damn, I’ve failed then.

Yesterday I attended the most boring seminar ever. EVER. Something about young people, entrepreneurs, social change yada yada.  Lots of words, and probably lots of substance too, but who could stay up and listen? The eternal burning question (after ‘does he love me?): can the youth change the world? Answer: stop wasting time thinking about it and start trying. This is the easiest way out of the guilt of doing nothing; ask questions about what you can do. Pretend to care. Run around looking busy. Join Rotaract. And act positive. Always always act positive.

I am the darkness. I am the negative vibe with the 100 watt smile.

I am the president of Rotaract TIP.

AND I can be very charming if I want to be 😀

Truth is. After the fat lady sings and everyone goes for the refreshments, is when the real party begins. So it’s kind of ok to sleep through the show, nobody’s listening anyway.

3 Responses to “The fat lady sings”
  1. karachiwali says:

    seminars are boring…i sleep through most of them if i cant find someone to talk with throughout

  2. farooqk says:

    so you sang too?!! 😛

  3. minerva says:

    Put the story here anyway. I want to read.

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