Is it just me, or do the girls of Defence and Clifton all look the same?

Sigh.Yeah I check out girls.

And guess what? So does every other woman on the planet. We have this deep-seated need to compare ourselves with every female in the room, and then ask whoever is standing next to us whether he/she thinks we’re prettier/hotter/thinner than that pretty/hot/thin girl in the corner. And if the witch is exponentially prettier/hotter/thinner than us, we clam up, feel miserable about ourselves and proceed to make the night hell for our friends or partner. Allah made us insecure. Like He made men gullible. It’s His fault, not ours.

I never understood us, really. Us women. We could be brilliant, witty, original, fun and capable yet we’d still like to be complimented on our beauty. I melt faster on a zabardasti ka “you’re cute” than I do on a sincere “Jeez Hira, you’re so smart!”

Jeez Hira, you’re so shallow.

Khaer, not the point of this post.

Actual point: Is it just me, or do the girls of Defence and Clifton all look the same?

Same straightened hair, kajal lined eyes, the same kind of clothes and accent, and even the same frick’n complexion…It’s like a horror movie sometimes.

My mother and I were at Aashyana recently; and I felt extremely North Nazimabadi. Firstly, a hijaab sort of pushes you back into the good ol 20th Century, and secondly, I don’t believe in dressing up to go shopping. Dumb move on my part. Next time I’ll remember to do so.

Anyway I’m wandering around the place, trying to find a non-polka dotted print considering they’re all over the place aaj kal, and see this girl walking around talking on her cell phone. I turn the corner and there she is again- only the print of her kameez has changed. I look back- and it’s a different girl! But they both look like twins…no triplets because that girl in the khaddi cloth store looks like the first girl too! And then I gradually notice that every frickn woman, regardless of her age, is a clone of that first girl.

It was the Stepford wives in Karachi, I tell you.

They talk the same, walk the same, smile in the ‘one-second-it’s-there,now-it’s-gone’ way and call their children “janu’ in the tone the Queen Mother would use. Their bangs will always be on the right side of their forehead, hands will never be un-manicured, and their kohl-rimmed eyes will never stop looking bored…

It must take practice to be them.

I am infinitely, super-hyper-ubertastically jealous.

89 Responses to “Is it just me, or do the girls of Defence and Clifton all look the same?”
  1. karachiwali says:

    The girls of Defence and Clifton all look the same to me too…so that makes two of us

  2. karachiwali says:

    i look like a maasi…in fact my maasi has a better dressing sense than me. i look pathetically north nazimabadi and i simply cant dress up for shopping.
    And girl, nothing to be jealous of. they look all the same…u have an identity/look of your own

  3. jinkibachi says:

    goli maro..who cares abt these dumb clones…no wonder human cloning is sooo frowned upon..sounds so boring, repetitive, redundant, variety-less (aur suna’on?)

  4. farooqk says:

    Now we’re talking!

    lets categorize the defence and clifton chicks! the initial categories are:
    1. the ones worth looking at etc etc etc (i like to think i have an expert opinion on these) 😉
    2. the rest of them (this category i know nothing about!)

    Since i dont want my comment to be way too long, im only gonna talk of females below the age of 22..

    The 1st category can be divided in to two:
    a. the starved skinny hottie
    b. the trying-to-be starved skinny hottie ever since the hormones have kicked in! 😉

    The starved skinny hottie will look best in sleeveless kameez with her slighty broad white see through shalwar! (they look just as in good in their jeans in my opinion) Theyre thin and they walk like theyre on a ramp,they look kinda stiff, and they almost always wear black mascara… 😀

    Category b is My favorite type. Theyre gifted with larger assets than there competitors and look best in their tight white see through capris and short kameez (these will always have sleeves)

    There is one thing all these chicks have in common though: theyre shallow and unbearable! 😀

  5. jinkibachi says:

    Astaghfirullah e Rabbi Min Kulli Zambin Wa Atoobu ilaiyh

  6. farooqk says:

    bismillah tawakkaltu alallah
    a`woozo billa

    21 times each, inshallah afaqa hoga 😉

  7. farooq, tawbah hai! Ankhein hai yah button??? :@

  8. farooqk says:

    lol that mahawara was so not applicable here!!! youre just showing off that you know it!! 😛

  9. @farooqk:
    Dude YOU have regained your status as a DUDE!!! Man I totally agree! Oh I personally like Category B!

    Khair! But by the way, I pretty much find all women to be the same! The target consumers of all big corporates the drivers of materialism, shallow and self centered, educated but still jahil AND they turn sane and good men into complete idiots and numb skulls!

    Women used to be those neings that men would be awed by! Elegant and graceful, self conscious and aware, intelligent and maybe not as educated but exponentially wiser, and something so much more than human. Iguess that breed of angelic beings are extinct now and are replace by these bumbling idiots who roam around these days.

  10. oh look what the CAT dragged in!!!!

  11. It was totally applicable… Those details show just how much you tarafy girls. 😛

  12. farooqk says:

    lol safi looks like youre really heartbroken inside! i think women are all different. Theyre all kinda crazy in their own way, theyre all kinda boring, kinda fun, kinda sad and a whole lot more. Some of them we cant stand, others, we cant live without. Even today, that hasnt changed.

    We werent around a 100 years ago to know what women were actually like back then!! all we know is what weve heard and read.. I like to think that today’s better read & less superficial women are far better than the ones they made a 100 years ago. I think they’re a lot smarter, less superstitious, less interested in other people’s business, tolerant at the right times etc etc…

  13. farooqk says:


    youre supposed to use that line when someone does not see clearly, as in ‘are you blind?!’ or something of the sort…

  14. err, HIRA, check your fb inbox whenever you come online please.

  15. Farooq: No it doesnt… I’ve always been explained that its used for someone who has a staring problem. And duh – I’m right obviously.

  16. farooqk says:


    you could be right wese, can anyone please clarify?!

    lol, i noticed the booboo.. shhhhh! 😛

  17. I know I’m right 😉

    oh and about that… hush. :S

  18. Saad Ibrahim says:

    LOL @ farook 😀
    @Hira haven’t got much experience (yet ;))

  19. farooqk says:

    no need to act like a smartass now 😛

  20. farooqk says:

    that was for purple 😛

  21. Saad Ibrahim says:

    oh crap! you guys are fast 😐 so many comments in few minutes :S

  22. farooqk says:

    lol i should be sleeping right now! 😀

  23. So should I… 😦 But I left my work at the last minute and here I am… studying. 😦

    Prcrastination is the suck.

  24. farooqk says:

    whatchoo studying?!

  25. Minerva says:

    You know, by the time I begin to read the posts, I already have to scroll down 20-odd comments and by the time I’m done laughing-snorting-scoffing at the comments, I completely forget what I had to say about Hira’s post!!!!

    You guys need to get another space or time frame to talk about completely random things, hadd hai!

    And now.. @ Hira’s post.. *uff*

    I don’t know if being from Defence has had any effect on me … I really don’t talk like those fake-Amreekans and I really don’t have my eyes filled with kajal all the time. All I’m saying is, that even though there’s this brand of chicks who walk and talk the same way, it’s not always the case. I know many Defence-Clifton chicks who aren’t at all fitting that criteria.

    Read this btw.

  26. karachiwali says:

    lol….this is again turning into something which would have nearly 150 comments all pretty much unrelated to Hira’s post.

    @ farooq and Safi
    further explanations of ‘categories’ aap log apney blogs per karein gey ya idher hi? 😛

  27. Lady those would be some LOOOOOOOOONG comments! Do you guys really want that? More specifically does Hira really want that?

  28. karachiwali says:

    do that on ur own blog

  29. Hira S. says:

    I KNEW IT!!!


    khaer, the joy of being a woman is that we’re allowed an unlimited amount of craziness. Considering men usually are infinitely boring, we have to add the drama element for them as well as ourselves.

    arey! i’m interested in those categories!! i know only two. Me, and the rest.

  30. farooqk says:

    im done with my descriptions 😀

  31. SAWJ says:

    @farooq and safi: Man, category B sucks as well. Grace is what kills a man. You might like the B category but you’ll never want her as your wife. 😉

    @girls: Just be yourselves.

  32. aarushi says:

    Totally know what you mean, dumb self-centered bimbos are everywhere, who seem to think that their life depends on being cool…but then I know guys who are just the same, if not more superficial, more concerned if their girlfriend is the hottest/preetiest, or that everytbody should envy them because they have this car or have this watch…

  33. YEp must be some business school bozo… or better yet a damn art student!

  34. Pinky says:

    lol safi, give it a rest…u are just as argumentative and as whining as any woman (whom u conveniently call “bumbling idiots” )…so do i have your permission to bestow that title on u ,the one u normally reserve for absar?? 😀

  35. I m the pessimist and the cynic here….. I m supposed so say stuff like that and complain all the time!

    But hey you can call me anything you want… I m beyond caring!

  36. Hira S. says:

    no. cynics don’t really care. life’s a bitch anyway.
    You’re the whiny, desperate housewife sort. 😛

  37. Hira S. says:

    high five pinky!

  38. farooqk says:


    where the hell does ‘wife’ fit into this?! 😛

  39. Pinky says:

    yay!!!! *hugs*
    (i would have kissed as well but these days some ppl tend to distort even the most innocuous emotions)

  40. Absar says:

    I’m on the edge of my seat… maybe.. maybe Pinky will change her mind about the kisses?


    Okay, I know what you meant now 😛

  41. farooqk says:

    Absar dude, what happened to your blog?!!!

  42. Pinky says:

    n how on earth changing my mind would affect ur health??

  43. Absar says:

    Okay, so maybe I’ve had too much of Habshan-time on my hands… I’m going back to Abu Dhabi tomorrow, and I’m going to Marina Mall to get meself an eyeful of cultural diversity, and I’ll be back to normal!


  44. Absar says:

    @farooq: Yar I lost the database. More precisely my hosting guy lost the database. Anyway it’s back up now!

    @Pinky: Would you change your mind if it did? 😛

  45. Pinky says:

    only if it adversely affects it 😉

  46. Absar says:

    That’s what I meant, akhrot! 😛

  47. Anas Imtiaz says:

    first, a comment for the original post…i sat down in mcdonalds one day with my friends for five hours and noticed the expressions of women as soon as they see another one…it begins with a stare and a quick top-to-bottom look and then a facial expression as if to say “hmmph! im better than u bitch!” and that happened 97% times almost..i wrote down some statistical data too!

    and farooq dude, ur absolutely right about the categories 😀

    @absar: “cultural diversity” at marina mall? 😛

  48. SAWJ says:

    I’m with Absar! 😛

    @Safi: Man, Absar’s proving himself to be a dude too. All that was needed for farooq and him was a defence chick post?

  49. Hira S. says:

    so now all you guys need to do is write a defence guy post and i’ll be all normal too.

  50. karachiwali says:

    lol @ Anas’s comment
    dude, your observation was pretty much correct. most women stare at other women to check them out from top-to-bottom just to make sure they look better than the rest

  51. I find it funny how Men although might find these Women ‘hot’ and will stare at them will at the same time call them, ‘miserable, shallow & not wife material’???

    Double standards 😛 ?

  52. farooqk says:


    theyre two different categories altogether, looking hot doesnt mean theyre worth marrying!! 😛

  53. SAWJ says:

    You are assuming here that I stare at girls. I don’t. 😛

    I walk around not giving a damn. I don’t like to make people think they are better in any way. 😉

    @Hira: Er…us guys don’t really give a crap about other guys. At least I don’t. So you’ll have to stay a dude. 😛

  54. Hira S. says:

    I agree. it’s kinda sick, really. they’ll check them out, and then label them, and then wish all women went around looking like that.

  55. Absar says:

    @SAWJ: Oy!!! I’m not trying to prove anything! I genuinely want Pinky to change her mind! 😛

    @Anas: Dude, I’m back in Abu Dhabi – will be heading out in a couple of minutes. And you know what diversity I’m talking about! 😛

  56. Pinky says:

    *rolling eyes* keep insisting, n i will end up biting someone, kish mish

  57. Hira S. says:

    kish mish?!
    Haw! thats genuinely cute!

  58. Pinky says:

    oh NO, then suggest sth else…i only used it coz he called me akhrot

  59. Absar says:

    Biting? Oooh this sounds interesting! Watch the piercings! She has a lot of piercings!


    And lol @ kish mish 😛

  60. farooqk says:

    the devil pokes at me to butt into this conversation, however, i shall refrain 😛

  61. SAWJ says:

    The devil’s poking at your butt?

  62. farooqk says:

    lol @ sawj dude, you have a very shady imagination! 😛

  63. Rashid says:

    hey karachiwali why are you cursing north nazimabadis?lol if you look pathetic than it has nothing to do with your location.

    farooq you rock

  64. farooqk says:


    rashid tumari baat ka buraa maan gaya! 😛


    thank you dude, i try! 😉

  65. Rashid says:

    farooqk..behna k madad karnay agai ek sachay pakistani ki tarha? lol

    why would I mind if she’s cursing herself and ppl in her it’s damn funny how she is abusing herself. 🙂

  66. farooqk says:

    i get the feeling youre really really angry inside?! someone has hurt you real bad?! you feel that all women are evil?! is the government plotting to kill you and give your kidneys to bilawal?? theres gotta be something!! let it out, dude!!

  67. Rashid says:

    uff dil par lag gai thaa kar k. lol! Alhamdolillah I am not hurt at all. I am rather chilled. it’s not me. Its her.mujh pe kio tapa huwa hay bhai? 🙂

  68. farooqk says:

    just trying to help you out brother!

  69. Rashid says:

    thanks but someone else needs help for sure. help her!

  70. farooqk says:

    whenever youre ready to talk about your problem bro, we’ll be here! you are not alone in this world…

  71. Rashid says:

    I am not alone either. 🙂

    Chacha Farooq tumhari wali harkatain hum bachpan may kia kartay tha..bara maza ata hay.. hay na? :-).

  72. Rashid says:

    sorry chacha farooq mera behan kahna aap ko itna bura laga k aap apne hawas khogaye. alfaz wapis layta houn.

    now enjoy ur weeekend and keep smiling 🙂

  73. farooqk says:

    yaar mazaak kee baat nahi hai, people only get this way when something very wrong has happened to them. let me help you, you should feel a lot better once you let it out!! i kid you not!

  74. Rashid says:

    “yaar mazaak kee baat nahi hai, people only get this way when something very wrong has happened to them”

    yes. this is why I am surprised what happened to her. u should help her otherwise who calls himself or herself pathetic infront of all wo b bagair sochay. m also worried bro. chalo dono bhai apni behan karachwali k lia dua karte hain.

  75. farooqk says:

    i dont think youre ready to get help just yet, like i said earlier, when you’re ready, ill be waiting… be safe

  76. Saad Ibrahim says:

    farooqk what do you think you are? a psychiatrist? 😉

  77. rashid & farooq: you both sound very childish. quit it.

  78. farooqk says:

    just trying to help the guy out!!

  79. Hira S. says:

    if he plans to antagonize every girl who visits my blog he’s prolly going to need all the help he can get.

    I’m sorry, but if you can’t stop from making personal attacks on people you don’t know for NO REASON, i’ll have to start spamming your comments.

  80. Rashid says:

    hira what did I do? Dont ya think you are being biased here? did I call any girl masi or pathetic here? seesh. be honest pls and if you want to spam me then sure! i am all yours! 🙂

  81. Rashid says:

    this is for my sweety pie chacha farook. hamari bhabi ko suna deyna. 🙂

  82. farooqk says:

    dude, youre stalking my comments on other blogs too huh?!

  83. Rashid says:

    huh? sorry I didn’t get?other blogs? why will I stalk you?…I’m not into guys! I am a married man. 🙂

  84. farooqk says:

    dang dude, i feel sorry for your wife!! 😀

  85. AamirRaz says:

    to me all gulz are the same… with a bit of difference of … uh, u know… I mean… 🙂

  86. Hira S. says:

    Lol! i doubt i’d understand but all the guys that visit my blog (except SAWJ, my gay best friend) would 😀

  87. Mehreen Ali Kasana says:

    I totally second you; DHA chicks -do- look like that. Yes, sir-ree-bob.

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