Me, You and random light bulbs

Blowing one’s nose becomes unbelievably painful when one’s nose is pierced, which ultimately makes having a cold even more irritating. One goes around with this feeling of unfulfilledness- of having a stuffy nose which cannot be un-stuffied- of having a mission that cannot be accomplished. It’s an itch that can’t be scratched and it drives you up the wall. I know the brilliant conclusion that the men who read my blog will come up with (“why don’t you just take the nose pin off?” Yeah, aren’t you little Einstein’s) and the answer is even more brilliant- because taking a nose pin out is INFINITELY more painful than going around with a stuffy nose. Plus my nose will feel naked without it.

I haven’t written a story for a very long time. Maybe because I lack inspiration, or lack the ability to empathize with a make-believe situation, or maybe it’s simply because writing a story should have me coming up with lots of different character types, whereas the best I can do is create dozens of verbal clones of myself running around, making each other miserable. And I can never come up with a conclusion. Why should there be a conclusion? Or a climax? Since when did anything in my life have anything remotely resembling a “here you go, this is the end of this little adventure” wala moment? One whacked out experience is linked to another mini-crisis which leads to another full blown disaster and the merry-go-round goes round and round til everyone’s dizzy and the children are puking.

But somewhere in me is a story. I know there’s someone in the back of my mind who is just aching to be fleshed out with words, a person as real to me as Mitya Karamazov was to Dostoevsky. It’s not fair that a person who writes tolerably well (this is me trying very hard to be modest) should be this un-inspired. I don’t want to be one of those sad chick-lit writers whose first novel is an autobiographical rant against her parents (that’s what my blog is for). And I don’t want to die at 80 wishing I had actually written my book.

So here I am, inspiration. Waiting. Waiting with my ermine-lined catcher’s mitt for you to throw me a random light bulb.

33 Responses to “Me, You and random light bulbs”
  1. Musab says:

    I don’t think an ermine lined catcher’s mitt will help. The first (and last) story I wrote involved a man and a bull in a very compromised position. That was nine years ago, sigh.

  2. Why the heck would you get a “nose pin” (eyuckh!!!) in the first place?!

  3. Pinky says:

    OUCH…treat both things na…haldi (turmeric) for the nose pin & Actifed P/ triaminic/ calpol waghaira for the cold…
    plus,if ur nose is still sensitive, go for nose ring n not a pin…with pin,it will take longer to stay indoors..ppl say rains are not good for healing pierced nose/ears

  4. Pinky says:


  5. Hira S. says:

    Lol! It’s OK pinky, I’ve had it since 7th grade and it’s all healed up. But changing it is a painful thing to do still.
    And my mum won’t let me get a nose ring- she says it makes me look slutty (not her actual words but i inferred it from her tone :/)

    err…what? sounds a bit perverse, especially considering you’d have been around 12 (?) when you wrote it.

    @ Safi
    Stop over reacting you psycho. I had it pierced at the meet-up too.

  6. SAWJ says:

    So that’s what was on your nose the whole time!

  7. Saad Ibrahim says:

    kyu tumhey kiya laga koi keera tha?

  8. Why am I a psycho all of a sudden? Not that I m complaining or anything… but one minute I was sweet and the next I m psycho, a promotion is a promotion but I kinda want to know why?

  9. I mean I would like to know what did I do right this time around?

  10. Now getting back to topic…. I cant understand why women would want to go through such pain just to have a notion of looking good (When what they do does nt make them look good). I mean Allah has pretty much made both men and women (especially the women) perfect just the way they are. Hell the is the way we (men) like women).

    So why go to such lengths to make themselves look beautiful when actually they are spoiling that beauty? Frankly no body has ever given me a satisfactory answer!

  11. karachiwali says:

    @ Hira
    so its good that i dont have a pierced nose and dont even intend to get it pierced 😀

    @ Safi
    u think getting the nose pierced is like spoiling one’s beauty? have u told ur fiance?

  12. Pinky says:

    oh ho safi, who said we do the piercing to look beautiful? its just a way to grab more jewelery from parents n hubbies…more pierced holes mean more earrings n stuff, u know 😉

  13. Pinky says:

    & hira, ur mom is kind of right abt the nose ring but pins tend to keep the wound first make it normal with ring & regular haldi sessions n then when it stops itching, revert to nose pins…..(my best friend’s experience)

  14. Hira S. says:

    sigh. isn’t it funny how the least important part of the post seems to always grab people’s attentions? Thank you Musab for actually getting the purpose of the post.

    Don’t worry Pinky, my nose has healed perfectly,and it only hurts taking the pin out (like sometimes changing earrings can be painful). I’ve had it for around 7 years so it’s become part of me.

    And Safi, i enjoy piercings. It’s as far as gothpana i can get considering my highly traditional parents and had i been allowed a little more freedom i’d even have a few tattoos. Trying to be ‘beautiful’ was never the purpose of my existence.
    Go die of shock now.

    KW: Lol! It’s really not that bad. Getting one’s tongue pierced though, is very very painful.

    SAWJ: dude, we all know where you were staring the whole time (at farooq). Don’t try to cover it up.

  15. Ahhhhhhh! I m tired today, and I m not in the mood to fight!

    You make a contradictory point pinky, Why does anyone want anything in this world, because there is some desire behind it whether that desire is due to necessity or pleasure and since jewelry dont serve any other purpose than pleasure, and the pleasure of looking good or beautiful or whatever derives the corollary that jewelry are only used to look good not for the reasons you defined.

    Yes I did… tell you the story some other day. And yes there is a story.

  16. @Hira S:
    Nothing can shock me anymore. Actually that is the case since I turn 9…. To tell a long story short, most of my ideals and principles came into being right then.

    Khair back to the subject…. I hate tatoos and I hate piercing although I m a rocker myself… I usually hate most of the things people get done to their bodies. Unless there is a very very good reason behind it, like a disability or something!

  17. Pinky says:

    oh sorry hira, i have this bad habit of being amma nassehat (read massi museebat)…if u are ok with it, then i guess i have no issues as well….
    aur safi, jewelry is not all abt looking serves as everlasting memorabilia…there are not many things u can touch n feel, long after the departure of ppl who gifted them to u *sigh* …moreover,some women,in fact the society,has this habit of counting things in terms of money..jewelery, the real one, satiates this materialistic need..the more jewelery u have, the more socially acceptable u become…

  18. Pinky says:

    n i guess i can serve as an inspiration as well…write abt dealing with ppl u cant stand, the annoying gits 😉

  19. Re read your comments and think about it what you have just said. Is nt that materialism and consumerism!

  20. Hira S. says:

    oh next blog will be about defence and clifton ki generic larkiyaan.

  21. Hira S. says:

    oh and it’s all good Pinky. It seems i’m the sort jis ko log naseehatein dete hain. Getting used to having around 7 mommies.

  22. aarushi says:

    hahaha so much attention on your nose ring…hope it heals soon, for the writer’s block(rather creative block), I’d say spend some time in a completely different environment, or in a very calm place like a library or something.
    hope this helps

  23. karachiwali says:

    @ safi
    hmmmm….i need to talk to u then for that story 😀

    @ hira
    so u think i should go for it?

  24. Hira S. says:

    lol, tongue piercing- no! but a pierced nose looks nice. plus, your mum will make you get it before your wedding so its best abhi se hi kar lo :/

  25. Saad Ibrahim says:

    looking forward to next post 😛

  26. farooqk says:

    sometimes it just doesnt come does it, this inspiration, somedays life doesnt give you a reason to live 😀

  27. Musab says:

    Here’s a bit of advice if the situation’s too dire. I got it from Papa Hemingway and Uncle Bob. Get a typewriter. Computers are distracting, pens and paper aren’t persuasive enough, but a clickety-clacker’s sure to get rid of writers’ block.

  28. minerva says:

    I think what you really need to do is not worry about the characters that you’re coming up with right now.. even if they are slightly varied versions of yourself, give em a god. Let them develop, they’ll eventually find a space and form for themselves. Usually when we set out to create a character, they take up their own whims and fancies. They become original, all on their own.

    So what I’m saying is, doesn’t matter where it comes from or what it is like.. the best way to take care of writer’s block is to just-give-it-a-go.

  29. minerva says:

    give em a go*

    not a god.

    the god-giving can come later. MUCH later.

  30. Why is nt anybody answering my question?

  31. Absar says:

    I feel the same way about wrist watches. Not in the can’t-breath-with-a-wrist-watch-in-my-nose way, though that is true anyway. In that keh I feel naked without a watch. Weird!

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