There is happiness in socks

I wonder why I plan things.

I’ve got my life mapped out: my year in SCAD, and then moving to New York, working for a few years, returning to Karachi to start my own thing; to my house with the giant neem tree in the front yard and the circular bench around it… to where I want to be buried. How I want to spend middle age and where I’ll throw my 30th birthday party… it’s all been decided on by my heart but I can’t really ask Allah for any of this. I mean, sure He already knows everything that’s going on in my head, but He probably doesn’t want to hear how materialistic and dunya-crazy I am. I think I’d like Him to keep giving me the benefit of the doubt.

Truth is- I know that at best, no matter how hard I try, even if 1/580th of my plans are achieved I’ll be lucky.

But I need to keep doing this. I need to keep telling myself I’m in control somewhere, somehow.

And I need my head to shut up sometimes. I’d rather be brutally honest to everyone but myself.

Tch Hira, relax. When university opens you won’t have time to think along these lines. Just try to focus on happy things right now, like old books, and chocolate and socks

19 Responses to “There is happiness in socks”
  1. safiullahhussaini says:

    Duhude… I planned my life to the how I want to die and when I want to die!!! And I bet it wont come true!

  2. Hira S. says:


  3. safiullahhussaini says:

    Oh sorry I keep forgetting! Actually I even forget that most girls here are girls!!!

  4. Musab says:

    I wish I had plans too… Life’s a bit too chaotic now…

  5. karachiwali says:

    @ Safi
    “most girls here are girls!!!”

  6. safiullahhussaini says:

    Really now? I did nt know that.

  7. Absar says:

    I had planned on attending UWaterloo or YorkU. Even got into them. NUST was supposed to be my safety net. I had planned on staying back and working in Karachi. I had planned on not staying unemployed for as long as I did. I had planned on a lot of things, and then there’re a hell lot of things that I hadn’t planned for but happened anyway. Plans, at least for me, rarely ever work out, but I plan anyway.

    Have fun with life, itna mat socha karo 🙂

  8. hina says:

    you’ll forget the reason of your existance!!once the university starts…!!

  9. minerva says:

    Wow. That’s a lot of detail. I only have the vague stuff planned out. The discipline I wanna do my Ph. D. in and the number of kids I want. Lekin woh Allah miyan hi behtar jantay hain kese pan out hoga…:S

  10. Hira S. says:

    oh, thats nothing. i’ve even got the color of the walls in my studio flat decided.

  11. SAWJ says:

    Make short term plans. I only plan my blog posts. That’s why my life is shit. 😀

  12. Hira S. says:

    errr… you want me to follow suit?

  13. farooqk says:

    try not to think about how fat you are and how youre gonna dia single!! hahahahahaha

  14. karachiwali says:

    i dont make plans…they dont work for me. i only have dreams 🙂

  15. safiullahhussaini says:

    I make plans and plan B’s and C’s and D’s all the way to Z’s, and I try never to give up, even though they may not work out but I get things which are even better than the ones I planned for!

  16. M says:

    ah, yes. there is happiness in socks.

  17. aarushi says:

    hey, don’t stop planning, I’m also big on planning everything, but planning works for me( even though from time to time weird things happen) and you’ve got to have some plan to achieve your dreams
    keep writing

  18. hina says:

    …… you forgot cup cakes

  19. farooqk says:

    she who weareth her socketh for too longeth, shalt make smelly in her feet 😀

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