It’s a bird, it’s a plane- no, it’s pie!!

When the going gets tough, the tough make pie. Confucious hasn’t said it, but the wisdom behind it is profound. Pie is happiness within a 9 inch pan- it is the easiest cure to a broken heart and firm assurance that God (if nobody else) still loves you.

And boy, did I nail this pie.

If I fail as a designer- which by the way is quite likely considering I hate floral prints (though they are, for some reason, the only sort I buy…is there some deep, spiritual meaning behind this?) I shall open a bakery. And sell pie. And eat pie. All day. Every day. And be happy. And fat. And happy. Ha!

I have been trying, for the past ten minutes, to upload a picture of the pie onto this post. I HATE wordpress! WHY is it so bloody complicated???Why can’t it give me step by step instructions like blogger did? Blogger understood me…we connected, you know?

But I broke it off. I suck. I should have stayed on, helped it through it’s issues…instead of jumping ship at the first speed bump (too completely separate mediums of travel I know- stop with the technicalities)

The scroll bar on wordpress doesn’t work either.

Nothing works but pie…


Empty heart, the devil’s play pen. I miss the exhaustion and hopeless monotony of university. I miss having so much more to think about. I hate being stuck on one thought alone.

If you’re reading this, what right do you have to make me miserable?

25 Responses to “It’s a bird, it’s a plane- no, it’s pie!!”
  1. Hira S. says:

    WTF? The picture is STILL not there!

  2. Pinky says:

    u actually find happiness through cooking/baking?? weird, i only enjoy making instant maggi noodles 😛
    n u can still be a good designer without opting for floral prints….rainbow-coloured circles…grey,pink,black&white checks n lines, green n blue curve waves etc etc…(*modestly*in case u start wondering again, i m not a designer):P

  3. Absar says:

    How can you find uploading an image into WordPress difficult? The button is right there above the editor!

    But your ignorance in WordPress can be forgiven on account of your (self-proclaimed) pie kingdom 😛

  4. Hira S. says:

    it’s a surprise isn’t it? A lot of people think it’s weird i can actually cook, bake and sew.
    And no luv, a designer is not what i’d have guessed you to be. We never say rainbow-coloured 😛

    tech know-how is 17th on my top ten list of priorities. I think i rock just being able to check my mail.

  5. Pinky says:

    damn…overkill 🙂
    khair itni nikami main bhi nahin hun, i have taken whole isb by storm, just by wearing a shawl i knitted myself…took me abt 2 months….m good at glass n fabric painting as well..but kitchen se dar lagta hai, i have this deep-rooted fear that one day the pressure-cooker will blow up n i will loose my front teeth.

  6. Musab says:

    A well baked pie, a mug of ovaltine, Begum Akhtar on the iPod and a cheap edition of Life Of Pi… the stuff dreams are made of.
    And congrats, your wordpress looks a lot more homely now.

  7. karachiwali says:

    yar, u have to teach me this! wen do i come over to your place?

  8. Hira S. says:

    you’re an isloo-ite! coolness! love that city…and that shawl will come in useful right now. take a pic and send it to me- i’ll give you my expert opinion 😛

    yes musab, and add a fireplace or heater somewhere to the equation and that would be perfection.
    i know! atleast i don’t feel lost on my own blog anymore.

    Any day after tomorrow (have a dawat kal)we’ll make a good ol fashioned apple, or chocolate creme pie. which one?

  9. hina says:

    someone said apple pie…..!!

  10. hina says:

    did someone said apple piee…!!!

  11. Pinky says:

    sure thing,, mail me ur email address, i will send u the pics…my digital camera is out of order so i would b using my cell camera.& its only a motorazr, u will have to guess the contents 😦 still,lets give it a try

  12. Pinky says:

    n thnx for loving islamabad,,usually ppl find it dull, instead of serene….but i always ask them, where else can they race ALL day long on EVERY single road..its fun..(i dont race,i only enjoy it frm the front seat)..the traffic police has tried to mar the fun lately by setting up speed traps, per they are only present at specified memorizable locations…

  13. Safiullah says:

    Well the epitome of my designer skills was when I printed a white fanged ‘METALLICA’ on a black T-shirt!
    My next endeavour would be printing ‘IRON MAIDEN’ with eddie’s ‘ead on a military green T-short!

    Yaar, cup cakes and pies! Marry me lady right now! And I m shipping you (in a container) to Singapore. Of course you ll have to bring an oven and stove with you!

  14. Aslam says:

    pinky…same pinch. I thought I was the lone ‘pressure cooker’ paranoiac. its such a bliss to find company 🙂,kairi classifies into floral design kya(i figured thats the toughest academic question i can ask :P) it looks real damn good on black shalwar with red/green pattern, on gals
    there goes my few brownie points on confessing bird watching/line maaring syndrome.

    and i am pretty much convinced wordpress would give that green pixar animation monster with a raised eyebrow.

  15. Anas Imtiaz says:

    @Pinky: “where else can they race ALL day long on EVERY single road” … empty roads per bhi koi race karta hai? 😛

    How can someone NOT like wordpress?!

    My head is spinning right now, something as great as pie is reminding of PI (3.14 wala pi) 😀

  16. Minerva says:

    I hate to admit it but yeah, even with all its grotesque wordpressy complications, the image uploading is kinda easy.

    Please get around to doing it, I would love to see your pie!

  17. Pinky says:

    chappair lagay ge,anas bhai….lately our roads are getting fair share of traffic, so much so that the CDA is expanding most of them to accomodate the rising number of vehicles…
    kair,i think i should leave.. capital’s roads n traffic have no direct connection with hira’s pies..unless she opens a branch of her bakery in super market, islamabad 😉

  18. Absar says:

    @Saffi: What’s a T-short man? I’m guessing it’ll be insanely uncomfortable 😛

  19. SAWJ says:

    T-short? 😀

    @Hira: So you’re mutant powers have done it to WordPress now?

  20. Safiullah says:

    So we are checking spellings now? I thought this was the internet not an english class!

    Ok teach! *T-Shirt*, Good enough for ya?!!!

    Man Stairway to heaven can always make me want to ascend to a higher plane of existence! Man this is what Mona Lisa sounds like!

  21. Pinky says:

    hira behn, hasnt the party ended yet??

  22. Hira S. says:

    the party? you mean the dawat? yaar do NOT get me started. my kaamwalis on vacation and my mum invites my whole family (all of my dad’s side) for lunch which ultimately evolves into shaam ki chai and then a round of paan.
    i am POOPED.

    i’m not sure that was what you were asking, but my head is so not working right now.

    And will someone please explain to me how to upload a picture. step by step. 4 letter words only.

    And sorry Safi, main kisi aur larki ka ghar nahi barbaad kar sakti *hand on forehead, dramai adaaz* nahi kar sakti, nahi!

    and no aslam, technically a paisley (or kairi) is NOT a floral design. It’s a completely separate thing. And red n green print on a black shalwar? Wow…will have to look for that one.

    Hi anas!

  23. Safiullah says:

    Hey who says I m leaving her?! I m a Paligamist, I m allowed four! So I think Ghar bardaad nahi ho ga!!!

  24. Pinky says:

    yup i meant dawat…chalo koi nai, at least its OVER…

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