Hi! I’m new here

So I’ve moved to wordpress.

And I’ve just realized I hate change- even change for the better.

I need to know I’ve been somewhere before; seen it, felt it, smelt it. The unexpected scares me. Like everything else does.

The danger that quacks in the night is the biggest wuss in blogger-land.

19 Responses to “Hi! I’m new here”
  1. Absar says:

    You’ve felt other WordPress blogs before, right? 😉

    And good God, please delete the “Hello World” post, and get a new theme!

  2. Anas Imtiaz says:

    Welcome to WordPress 😀

    I hated the commenting system on your older blog – and on all blogspot hosted pages!

  3. Saad Ibrahim says:

    believe me blogger is crap from the reader’s point of view

  4. SAWJ says:

    You should move to a self-hosted domain. 😛

  5. farooqk says:

    you like to smell too?? thats real cool!! 😛

  6. safiullahhussaini says:

    Hello there!

    Looks cool!

  7. Aslam says:

    u r funny…loved the shaadi episode.

    me just hopping blogs

  8. Aslam says:

    love to read that dissertation(i did withstand my friend’s yem bee yea dissertation, made me read it, emotional blackmails et al)… guess i would like to see quentin weave in a suit, it might look funny at some angles but would be proud and respected anyways 🙂 at later point in time

    any softcopy available pls(arts guy stuck in software engineer…gawd i should go back to college and finish Bsc physics or do BA english/public admin cant stand history though)

  9. Aslam says:

    turns out to be i am reading ur posts…literally stalking and commenting on this latest one.

    tarantino…gore, blood and comic scenes
    try few black comedy genre flicks
    oldboy(hero’s hammer and villain’s henchmen’s head, angle fixing dotted line scene)

    keeping mum(granny making worries disappear…fixes an old man who finds about his dog’s mysterious disappearance 🙂 )

    bible and sin…se7en

  10. Musab says:

    Hey, do tell me how things go at wordpress, I might be tempted to move too…

  11. Musab says:

    Didn’t know my blog would be automatically tagged for “hair transplantation” and “gonorrhea”. Kooky !!

  12. hirasaiyed says:

    Anas, Absar, SAWJ, Safi and Saad
    i hate wordpress. I miss the fuzzy familiarity of blogger. There are too many options here!

    Go away. You’re picking on someone whose life is already murky enough.

    It’s ok. I can handle stalkers. Welcome to my blog!
    And thanks for the black humour movie selection- have a month off and will look them up.

    Man, i hate new things.
    gonorrhea?! That’s a bit more than just…kooky…

  13. karachiwali says:

    oh you have moved to wordpress and i was still thinking why you arent updating your blog!

  14. Aslam says:

    I have now overcome the temporary addiction. I guess it was bcos of the profile fotoo, candid writing, bit of those funny posts(shaadi ke ladoo), gal writing/talking abt flicks with similar passion, another fav blogger is on temp internet holiday and that you don’t swear unnecessarily.

    whats with the nose blah…in most of the posts. hope u are not thinking in lines of shilpa shetty and koina. u (would) look good as you are…be it armani/shalwar u r adorning(well i typed it to balance the previous stmt and yes this is a compliment)

    am happy u did ur thesis on tarantino. gal liking other films than the usual chick flicks is an astronomically unusual trait. (sorry if that sounds mcp, intention/feeling is exactly the opposite that i wish to convey)

  15. Saad Ibrahim says:

    I am sure when you get sued to it then you will love it!

  16. Saad Ibrahim says:


  17. Anas Imtiaz says:

    You will love it, sooner or later. Then you will be tempted to move on to a self-hosted domain. Then you will start experimenting with the scripts .. (ok..maybe not u)

  18. Hira S. says:

    thank you anas, for appreciating my limitations. it will take me ages to fully explore my own new blog :S

    yeah saad, i guess it’ll take me time to adapt. I’ve brought my header with me though- reminds me a bit of the old home 😀

    Aslam: Bwahaha. i DO swear unnecessarily, but i’ve cleaned my mouth up for muharram. And my nose is a surrealist work of art. Picasso couldn’t have done it better. And yes, i rock 😛

    KW: Yaar…i so miss my blogspot. By the way, shadi related post coming up in a few days. I’d ask the guys to STEER CLEAR OFF THIS PLACE.

  19. farooqk says:

    oh come on! i thought u were a fighter, picking on weaklings sucks. So be strong, so i can pick on u! 😀

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