The sun sets at Jiwani.

Basically, the sun sets pretty much at every spot on the planet, but it sets special in Jiwani. And we travelled an extra one and a half hour from Gwadar to see this miraculous sun set in all it’s golden, and purple glory. And i chronicled it. Every ten minutes I’d take a picture of the sun’s journey down the sky and after every click my brother would take the camera and check it’s battery. Is trust dead in this world?

The police escort my dad’s student provided us (he teaches CBR people how to bungle up the government’s revenues) took us to the WWF (World Wide Fund- not the wrestling thing) branch at the top of a cliff and from there we walked to the edge overlooking the beach.

I have never felt closer to Allah.

17 Responses to “Jiwani”
  1. hina says:

    that is so stuning..a picture perfect moment…i had to be there hira!

  2. Safiuullah says:

    Wow… you went all the way to Giwani, Always wanted to go there and hike around the Gun hills

  3. easypie says:

    Wheres Giwani?

  4. SAWJ says:

    You’re a Zoroastrian?

  5. Absar Shah says:

    You could be the first zen monk in Jiwani..

  6. Saadat says:

    Ah, so this is Jiwani.

  7. Musab says:

    Brilliant !
    My folks went to Jiwani a year or so before I showed up, and I haven’t forgiven ’em for not waiting for me. . .

  8. Hira S. says:

    You can tell how awesome t his scene was by the way the pictures come out. If someone as bad at photography as i can take these, think what you or furhan could do.

    It’s great…the entire coast of Makran is gorgeous.

    It’s on the coast of Balochistan. At the end of the coastal highway


    I think I’ll stick to Islam while i can

    So it is 😀

    Yaar, if you can, try going without parents…they have a tendency of worrying too much.

  9. Saad Ibrahim says:

    you had seafood there? i heard the seafood there is good :S even if its not good its surely oil free

  10. hirasaiyed says:

    oh that’s the funny part- seafood there is crazy expensive! You’d think that the amount of fishing that goes on there, fish would be reasonable- but no…

  11. SAWJ says:

    Zoroastrian means Zartusht, sooraj ke pujaari.

  12. karachiwali says:

    seafood is expensive in jiwani!?

  13. hirasaiyed says:

    me knoweth. one of my best friends is zoroastrian. If by sooraj ke pujari you mean being able to appreciate a decent sunset then yeah…

    as sarah palin would put it” darn right, you betcha!”
    you can’t get seafood (as in there are no eating spots) at jiwani, and it’s quite expensive at Gwadar.

  14. SAWJ says:

    You’re a Mama Parsian?

  15. Hira S. says:

    Lol! the term is mamaian SAWJ. And no, I’m from good old City School, but my friend IS a mamaian.

  16. Shah Faisal says:

    میں نے بھی ایک شام جیونی میں گزاری تھی، مزے کی بات کہ جیونی کے غروب ٓفتاب کے چرچے بہت سنے تھے لیکن جب وقت ٓیا تو مجھے بھول گیا اور میں کمرے میں ہی بیٹھا رہ گیا۔ اپنی اپنی قسمت ہے بھیا۔

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