Dissertation and Blogger Party

Have you read those epic fantasy books that go on for 5-6 volumes and end in an epic (can’t find an alternate word) battle between right and wrong, good and evil, or light and dark? Liar, I know you have. Stop hiding your copy of the Belgariad under your bed.
Khaer, that’s how I feel right now with the end of semester drawing near. I feel life rushing towards this one point where the fate of my world will be decided, and all hope, or all fear shall be lost.
Final year is SO the drama.
I somehow managed to finish my dissertation last night, so what if it was 2699 words over the limit, 2 hours late and without references and literature review? I had one of those epic choices to make: finish my dissertation on time, or attend the blogger meet-up, and I obviously took the path of least resistance. I went to the party. And I don’t regret it. In your face, you evil forces of Evil.
Anyway, it was fun. Exponentially more fun than my dissertation.
I hear a car pull up outside my house and Karachiwali asked the address from my kamwali’s husband who’s sitting on the lawn of that very house and the idiot had no clue what place she was talking about. Such morons have no right to marry and have children. People should take IQ tests before they’re allowed to reproduce.

So we reached Nandos. Finally. What I found out during the ride to Nandos: SAWJ will not ask for directions, and Karachiwali is as lost as I am. And Nandos is not inside the Naheeds wali gali.

Ek tau everyone there was so science-y. Khiwali wants to do a Ph.D in AI, SAWJ and Safi are electrical and electronic engineers (don’t remember which one is which) and Mahw is a psychologist.
I felt like the most jahil person there, but shukar he Farooq bhi tha 😀

I don’t think he likes me very much.

I hope Purple fit in. I hope she feels better. And once again luv, you’re NOT fat. Not even in a hijaab.

I’m still trying to figure out HOW my cheesecake cost me Rs.500 😦

16 Responses to “Dissertation and Blogger Party”
  1. Saad Ibrahim says:

    😆 interesting review of the meetup

  2. farooqk says:

    haha i totally dig you, otherwise i just mightve gotten bored my friend! 😛

    Since petrol prices have increased, transporting cheese has becoming more expensive, labor and overhead costs have also increased and hence cheesecake has become more expensive! 😀

  3. farooqk says:

    im uneducated and im proud of it! 😀

  4. purpledrifter says:

    haha, no i fit in quite well. 🙂 I just dont tend to talk alot. I had fun, don’t worry.

    Oh and I’m not scienc-y. I’m persuing journalism and Islamic studies.

    And seriously you guys, Im sure you aren’t uneducated too! [You both are studying right now, nahi?] :p

    ps – lol, me and kw were being typical females when calling ourselves fat. 😉 But you gotta, agree, the Hijab does make the cheeks stick out! :@

  5. Absar Shah says:

    lol @ path of least resistance. Stop taking internet tests seriously 😛

    And… did you just.. wiki?? *gasp*

    And another fact that you probably didn’t learn during the ride: SAWJ will not ask for directions, he won’t let you ask for directions, but he will walk up to anyone on the road and say “Teray baap ki road hai!?” 😛 SAWJ, baaqi ka sunaoon? 😛

  6. Anas Imtiaz says:

    LOL @ Absar's comment abt SAWJ.

    IQ tests before being allowed to reproduce?? –>> What should be the minimum threshold? 😛 And max too? 😀

    I'm sure if I and Absar had been there, the mahol would've been more science-y 😀

    and btw, 2699 over the limit? :S what exactly is it abt? *curious*

  7. Hira S. says:

    What review? While writing i realized i had forgotten everything that happened!

    Isn’t it great being selectively educated? One of my favorite pass times is yawning when people talk to me and interrupting them with “What gave you the idea i cared?”

    I could make myself an entire cheesecake with that much! What did they bake it in, a diamond studded oven???

    You should have told me you were doing journalism :(. We could have mocked the geek party together.
    I’m artsy. And for some reason nobody considers what i do as ‘studying’.


  8. Hira S. says:

    oh hey there! didnt see your comment til i submitted mine.
    about iq tests, it’s simple. person should be able to know the address of the house he lives in . That’s the minimum. I cant really expect more from Khadim anyway.

    And the dissertation was on how it could be possible to convert a personality (Quentin Tarantino) into a subject for textile design. Limit was 8000 words, mine ended up being 10699.

  9. karachiwali says:

    @ hira
    i think wat you are doing is really fascinating. i wish i was that creative!

    @ absar
    ok i totally agree with you absar. i was shouting key bhai plzz directions pooch lo and he was just not listening to me. 😛 i was soo regretting then not to be driving!

    and btw, i really wish both anas and absar could be at the meetup. aur saad tum tou treat do gey hum sab ko.

  10. farooqk says:

    haha i love doing that too! sometimes i sleep in class and end up falling over, or knocking my head into something 😀

  11. SAWJ says:

    @Absar: Oye moon band rakh!

    @KW: Sahi baat hai, how was I supposed to know the directions? Aur poochhne ke liye aisa banda chahiye hota hai jisay rasta pata ho! 😀

    @Hira: I’m the Electrical guy. And Mahw is a psycho. And I feel just like you in the midst of Software Engineers because that’s the field I want to pursue.

  12. Majaz says:

    SAWJ is acting like one of those people who like to act as if they’re stepping in Khi for the first time.. “Oh, dear, I don’t know how these people drive! … Look at the roads, ch ch ch! Where do I go from here!”

    Damnsel in distress. (the mistake is deliberate)

    THAT’S what you get for calling me a psycho.

  13. Hira S. says:

    @Mahw and SAWJ
    *highpitched phoebe-ish voice*

  14. SAWJ says:

    @Hira: Sorry, I’ve got to have the last word!

    @Psycho: I never said those things aunty. I didn’t know the way to Nando’s. Unlike you, I haven’t spent my whole life there! 😛

  15. Majaz says:

    In case I forget to mention it, Hira, SAWJ is one of the spammers that make me wish I could enable comment moderation everywhere.

    Aunty. Look who’s talking. Long-haired uncle.

  16. SAWJ says:

    Oooh, someone’s steamin’, yay!

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