Sprinkle topped Eid

I don’t like Eid much, but some moments are pretty sweet.

It’s funny how a cupcake can make life so much happier.

18 Responses to “Sprinkle topped Eid”
  1. Safiullah says:

    Look Mouth watering!!!

    Don’t tell me you made them, I ‘d have to rethink my engagement! Hehe

  2. Hira S. says:

    yup, i did. i’m not that bad a baker.
    instead of rethinking your engagement, gift your fiance a cookbook

  3. Safiullah says:

    Hehe… I should gift something now that I m leaving. What do chicks dig these days?

  4. Absar Shah says:

    Did you get some on your nose? 😛

  5. Hira S. says:

    yeah :D. that’s the only way to eat cup cakes

    oh that’s so sweet! err…depends on what kind of a person she is. Wese branded anything would do- bag, shoes, perfume. Or, get her something from Object at Park towers. They have the coolest things…

  6. Safiullah says:

    You ain’t talking anything cheap lady!!!

    Ok I will visit that… I m very new to this gift thingy as absar will confirm. I have already given her a watch (branded), bag (branded I think?) and a perfume (that too branded), now what is the logical step?

    And don’t say jewelry cuz I have a chronic aversion to that!

  7. Hira S. says:

    no jewelery is risky. you can never know what she likes or dislikes.
    I’ve always had this thing for wallets and i know a lot of other girls do too. or a really nice notebook from Object (:P)
    What sort is she? Art loving, or a reader, or a mechanical frame of mind? A gift that shows you understand her is always a sure hit.

  8. Theoneyouhate says:

    Hira chup hojao bas tum. :p

  9. Safiullah says:

    I meant I really really hate jewelry and I ‘d kill myself before giving any to anyone!!!

    Well she is a cross between a ghureloo type and the very studious type, at least I think that. She is n’t very adventurous and a book worm so that leaves art loving and mechanical, although I don’t know any chicks whoa re defined as mechanical so I don’t know what one looks like.

    I think she liked my past attempts but this time around I can’t afford any such thing, but I do want it to be memorable as I m leaving for a long time. I was thinking of given a Khalil Jibran collection (The Prophet maybe) since I love books and I want her to read that.

  10. Hira S. says:

    Good idea. Write something on the first page though to make it personal.
    And get it wrapped really nicely. Remember, ‘presentation’ is a bigger word than ‘present’.

    Wow. that reached an unbelievably high lameness level.

    chup bey. meri hi blog pe mujhe hi taaney maar rahi ho?

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  12. SAWJ says:

    Safi loser salay!

  13. Safiullah says:

    Ohhh shut the ****** up!!!

    Don’t interrupt when two adults are talking!

  14. purpleruminations says:

    those look yumm hira! 😛 I bake on and off too, usually chocolate cakes, its better then my cooking skills.

    Speaking of jewellery, if any one of you wants to buy anything, let me know, we have a jewellery family business. *shameless self promotion here* 😛

    For the record though, jewellery can have its ups and downs. You *have* to know what the person likes to gift her something she’ll appreciate. Safi, maybe you could give her something in jewellery after you get married and you know her likes and dislikes better.

  15. Safiullah says:


    If this was n’t a chick’s blog there would have been a string of galiyan in Punjabi/Urdu/Lalukheti/Bufferzoni here!!!!

  16. purpledrifter says:

    lol, it’s not that bad! Besides, you’re marrying a FEMALE, who probably likes the goldish stuff.

    And uhm, she’ll be wearing jewelery on her wedding, regardless of whatever you say.

    Not all jewelery is gawdy, you have the delicate intricate stuff that looks pretty.

  17. Safiullah says:

    Well that is a debate for another time in which I ll probably need proof from other guys.

    Do you want me to start that debate?

    Coming back to the matter at hand, I ‘d like you people to give me some options!

  18. farooqk says:

    did you put hashish in them? 😛

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